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Synonyms for tailored

severely simple in line or design


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(of clothing) custom-made

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Jeppesen Tailored Charts for Avionics now provides pilots with operator-specific charting navigation information that is available through installed, front-panel avionics systems.
and Canada while reducing debt," said Tailored Brands CEO Dinesh Lathi.
Most women prefer to get their dresses tailored and that is why planning is essential and that explains the rush from a month before Eid.
The welding cost contributes almost half of the overall tailored blank cost [6].
(L-R) Tailored fit jacket, PS99; tailored fit waistcoat, PS39.50; short sleeve regular fit shirt, PS25 Linen Baker Boy hat, PS22.50; linen tailored fit checked jacket, PS139; crew neck Vest, PS15
Tailored Brands is a specialty retailer of men's tailored clothing and largest men's formalwear provider in the US and Canada.
Third, acquisition executives and process owners are often inconsistent in what features they allow to be tailored for each program.
In the preformed approach, an organization develops a standard set of tailored processes that apply to particular categories of projects (Plogert, 1996).
Here, a suit is tailored with a speci c fabric but made with minimal measure- ments.
Another owner of a Readymade Garments said his shop received good response from the customers for both the tailored and readymade clothes.
The companies have combined their expertise to accelerate the introduction of tailored aluminium blanks.
Understanding how people process health information: A comparison of tailored and nontailored weight loss materials.
Sleater said that fashionable Brits are desperate to get their hands on calf-length, tailored coats, just like the ones actor Cumberbatch wears on the TV series on Sherlock Holmes.
Paul Smith, Yves Saint Laurent and Todd Lynn all put tailored chic high on the fashion agenda for this season.
For versatility, choose your tailored basics in neutral shades such as black, white and stone.
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