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the act of following someone secretly

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A slight change in [f.sup.r.sub.1] can change the stability of a tailing dam considerably.
Region 6 spokesman Dave Bary reported the remedy selected for the site includes excavation of contaminated soil and waste rocks, interception of water draining from waste rock piles at the mine site, underground mine dewatering and water treatment, covering contaminated material at the tailings facility, and treating groundwater at the tailings facility.
Miller estimates that each year gold milling alone in the United States generates about 1 billion tons each of waste rock and tailings (the finely ground remains of milled ore), numbers that have actually gone down in recent years, due to the drop in gold prices and the scarcity of high-grade ore.
Valeriano Bongalos, resident manager of Benguet Corp.'s Balatoc mine operations, asked town officials and residents of Ampucao, Virac and Poblacion villages to allow engineers to rush work on raising the crest of two tailings storage facilities.
Historically, tailings have always been an unwanted byproduct of mining from an environmental standpoint, greatly affecting wildlife and water tables negatively.
Disposing of mine tailings and various waste materials has traditionally consituted a large percentage of the operating costs of mining and processing facilities.
In the past ten years the advent of paste technology that uses total tailings dewatered to a very high density has dramatically improved the utilisation of tailings as backfill.
The toxic tailings came from ore processed by the nearby McLaren Mine, an open-pit gold and copper mine located near Cooke City and on the saddle between Fisher and Henderon mountains.
In making this exciting announcement, Eldora Golds Tailings Processing division will begin to establish a new mill on its first prioritized tailings disposal site in Kirkland Lake, Canada, having already conducted on-site sample testing and results evaluation.
The two-phase project includes the construction of groundwater intercept ditches, a tailings dam and lime treatment plant to treat contaminated water, says John Robertson, manager of the rehabilitation, inspection and compliance section of the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines (MNDM).
* Murchison United has received a scoping study for the treatment of tailings at the Renison Bell tin mine in Tasmania from Bechtel.