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on tiptoe, her arms around the neck of a man whose appearance escapes me now, except that he was a little taller than she was, briefly affirming their relationship, that they would still be together, and she was wearing, if this is really what happened, her black raincoat and washed-out jeans, and had, but this I'm sure of, medium-length, reddish-brown hair, lovers, taking leave of each other, putting off their leavetaking even longer, a commonplace in airports, at train stations, before the open tailboard of ferries.
In "The Kindest Thing," for instance, the peacefulness of a cross-country drive is disrupted when the driver is overtaken by a ute (an SUV) trailing a dog "roped / by the neck, raving, / clawing at the tailboard.
There was a tailboard upon which the operator stood, which forced the cutting edge into the ground.
The tailboard was left down and furniture and boxes were packed onto that, covered by a tarpaulin.
The winch cable located in the tailboard of the truck pulls through rollers mounted at the head of the flat rack and loads the steel plates from the ground directly onto the flat rack.
He lighted the lamp and clumb up over the tailboard.
Farber is the Alfred Fitler Moore Professor of Telecommunications Systems, University of Pennsylvania; and is a member of numerous boards, including Electronic Frontier Foundation, Internet Society, CS and Tailboard of the National Research Council.
The rear lights are damaged and it has a tailboard tied onto it displaying the registration number NK13 YDP.
At the beginning of the day, employees are provided time to do pre-shift stretching before the crew leader conducts a tailboard discussion," said Rick Snyder, gas construction manager of the company's Enhanced Infrastructure Replacement Program.
He was riding on the outside of the apparatus on the tailboard of the truck like they normally do," Chief Cloutier said.
Access to the rear loadbed is through the optional space-craft type hatch, and drop down tailboard, and it takes a lot.
To reinforce safety through the restoration duration, tailboard sessions were conducted at least twice a day.
Batteries in all four models have been moved to ground level for easier service and the new PowerCast straw chopper tailboard option is available to spread materials up to 50 ft.
However, the report cites as an ``indirect cause'' the fact that she was not wearing a safety strap as she stood on the tailboard of the engine as it backed up.
We sat on the tailboard of his vehicle in the car park of Terminal One and ate our picnic as we cracked away about this and that.