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shaped like the tail of an animal

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According to the InSAR data, the tail-shaped slip distribution on the Mirandola fault (Figure 3(a)), described by Pezzo et al.
We refer [DELTA][p.sub.20] and [DELTA][p.sub.t] as the undrained pressure change [DELTA]p caused by slip on the Ferrara fault (assumed at t = 0 days) and the tail-shaped slip on the Mirandola fault, respectively, before May 27 (assumed at t = 0 days in S1 assumed at t = 7 days in S2).
At section AB, we can infer that both the tail-shaped slip at t = 0 days (Figure 5(b) to be compared with Figure 4(b)) and the May 29 coseismic slip that occurred on the Mirandola fault at t = 9 days (Figure 5(d) to be compared with Figure 5(b)) have negligible effects on the pore pressure.
The westernmost positive deformation pattern (around the black cross, point 2) is due to the tail-shaped slip on the Mirandola fault taking place before the second mainshock (Figure 3(a)).
Hsieh, "Microfluidic synthesis of tail-shaped alginate microparticles using slow sedimentation," Electrophoresis, vol.
Calathea, with a rattlesnake tail-shaped head; costus, which is in the shape of a pineapple top with colors as diverse as green, yellow, red and purple; hedychium, not only fragrant but beautiful in white, reds, yellows, pinks and purples; or plumeria, another fragrant flower often used for perfumes and essential oils.