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Now, 50 years later, he will once again don his red tail coat at City Hall as Cardiff celebrates 50 years as the capital.
The head of the Groundhog Club, dressed formally in a top hat and tail coat, wakes Phil by knocking on the groundhog's bunker with a special cane.
Patricia Lester silver rainbow tail coat and vest dress with Natalie Brush freshwater pearl necklace.
Running alongside the made-up words were definitions of basic words but also older or more unusual language like blithering or balmy, nettled or nincompoop, tail coat or teeter.
The snake is interpreted as a Spanish flamenco dancer wearing a shiny tail coat, the owl is a Welsh RAF squadron leader and the fox is a wheeler-dealer in a fedora.
The British singer followed the dress code with a sparkly tail coat as he belted out hits including Rocket Man, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word and Bennie and the Jets.
Their original police uniform was a tall hat to exemplify power mellowed with tail coat to reflect servitude towards the public.
At Cheltenham he is fully tweeded up, and this week he donned a splendid tail coat.
Here is where you will meet a fox who wears a trench coat and trilby hat and has a fur chest and tail, plus a sizzling snake dressed in silver sequined tail coat and bow-tie
Parading round a British Legion club in a garish sparkly purple tail coat, a black bodysuit, and purple knee high boots, telling jokes to an audience of around 50, Sue could be a bad character in her very own sitcom-like life.
Antony Sher plays the bullet-headed, black-mustached Chief Weasel, a nasty enough sort under the best of circumstances, but with a touch of Nazi when wearing the Weasel Development Company's red insignia on his black tail coat at the drunken old-boy Weasel revel just before their planned demolition of Toad Hall and the start of production at their dog-food factory.
Leto, who wore a brightgreen tail coat on the pink carpet with pale pink trousers, stayed in character during the course of filming and said the role gave him a new admiration for the actors who have played him before.
You''ll find military styles in long tailored tail coat versions or cute cropped jackets a la Ms Cole that will work for both smart and casual ensembles.
Charles Johnston makes a striking Rigoletto, both in voice and in presence, an at times bizarre figure like a demented Chaplin on speed with his outsize boots, tail coat and black moustache, his vocal clarity the best of the night.
Malenchenko, who blasted off to the station in late April with American astronaut Edward Lu, quietly arranged to have his tail coat and wedding ring flown to him aboard a cargo ship that arrived at the station in June.