tail assembly

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the rear part of an aircraft

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The design of the stamp shows the distinctive tail assembly with its integral engine.
Following the accident the US Federal Aviation Administration has ordered inspections of the tail assembly for all A300-600 and A310 aircraft.
The Oriole rocket system includes a propulsion system, tail assembly, vehicle service module, and booster interstage structure.
AVP") is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Cessna Aircraft Company to supply the tail assembly for Cessna's new Citation CJ4 business jet.
Without the two-part tail assembly, the jetliner would have suffered a loss of stability and turning control.
The empennage, or tail assembly, is manufactured by Fokker in The Netherlands.
SSAC) announced today that new aircraft Serial number 0006 slated for customer delivery has been matted with the wings, tail assembly, and landing gear and has moved out of the mating jig to its next production position in the San Antonio facility.
Wayne Wignes, president of Aon's Aviation Group, says the A380, with a tail assembly nearly 80 feet high and a fuselage measuring nearly 240 feet, poses significant insurance challenges for the airlines.
Soon thereafter AAI began delivering a new model Shadow TUAV, designated the RQ-7B, with slightly larger wings, a modified tail assembly, and an extended flight endurance capability.
To date, cameras have been placed on the top of White Knight's fuselage looking aft, on the top of SpaceShipOne's fuselage looking aft and in two orientations in SpaceShipOne's unique twin tail assembly.
Long-lead items to be purchased under this contract include bulk titanium, landing gear components, cockpit canopy transparencies, and composite pivot shafts used to attach the aircraft's horizontal stabilizers to the Raptor's tail assembly.
The tail assembly includes 262 parts that on average required fewer than 27 man-hours to design.
During the launch sequence the vehicle's wing and tail assembly will provide the necessary lift and lateral stability until 747/launch vehicle separation is achieved.
The F-22 tail assembly once traveled approximately seven miles among dispersed sites inside the Lockheed Martin plant at Marietta, Georgia, as it went from one process to another in preparation for joining with the rest of the airframe.
empennage or tail assembly is manufactured by Fokker in The Netherlands.