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a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health

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This modified form of tai chi emphasizes exercises that include coordinated eye-head-hand movement, head-shoulder-trunk alignment and rotation, unilateral weight bearing, and weight shifting.
Ryan's presentation will include the experience of Bill Douglas, founder of World Tai Chi Day, who was part of a tai chi program at Folsom State Prison near Sacramento, Calif.
"Mindful Exercise" features: More than 120 scientific studies on tai chi and other metarobic exercises; More than 50 case stories from tai chi qigong, and yoga practitioners; Clear, straightforward language; Tested guidelines to improve your metarobic exercise and maximize health benefits.
If you're not ready or not able to tackle strength-training with weights, resistance bands or machines, tai chi may just be the activity that can help to increase your stamina and diminish your risk of injury that accompanies weak muscles and bones.
But, a knee injury put paid to the 52-year-old's sporting activities for a number of years until a friend suggested that he joined a tai chi class to help improve his suppleness and strength.
Tommy, who pounds the Ralston and Gallowhill beat, visits the Paisley Road centre of the disability charity once a week, says Tai Chi has lots of benefits.
A six-month US trial of 226 people with the condition showed that those who did tai chi improved significantly more than those doing aerobic exercise.
Polkey, Ph.D., from Imperial College London, and colleagues evaluated tai chi as a means of PR among 120 bronchodilator-naive COPD patients.
[USA], Mar 22 ( ANI ): Tai chi, an art practiced for defense training, is also known for its health benefits.
"A regular meditative tai chi practice, in addition to moderate aerobic activity that we enjoy, such as 20 to 30 minutes daily of brisk walking, swimming or mowing the lawn, will help maintain emotional stability and cognitive function," says Regina Gibbons, a specialist in tai chi, qi gong, and acupuncture with the Katherine A.
Subjective perceived impact of Tai Chi training on physical and mental health among community older adults at risk for ischemic stroke: a qualitative study BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
ISLAMABAD -- Tai Chi Chinese Martial Art 4th training session was held here at China Cultural Centre on Wednesday.
ISLAMABAD -- Tai Chi Chinese Martial Art 4th training session will be held on Wednesday at China Cultural Centre to train the participants and highlight the importance of exercise.
A specialized training for 'Tai chi class' organized by China Cultural Centre was launched at PNCA here on Monday.
Billionaire Jack Ma makes his movie debut as a tai chi master in a Jet Li-produced film 'Gong Shou Dao'.