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a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health

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Classes will then be held at 6pm every Monday and are suitable for beginners and those who have done tai chi before.
Speaking about Master Can's arrival, Talise Spa and wellness director Stephan Wagner said: "Introducing Tai Chi to the wellness activities available at Talise Spa perfectly complements the current range of unique yoga offerings, which include daily sunset yoga and monthly full moon yoga sessions.
A technique that integrates body, mind and spirit, tai chi (pronounced tie-chee) has been practiced for centuries in China.
Each week, the retired human resources manager attends two tai chi classes with her husband to ensure that the couple remain as fit and healthy as possible.
Tai Chi can be for everyone, whatever their age, shape and size, but it lends itself particularly well to those of us who are getting on a bit in years or have health issues that might stop us from participating in more demanding exercise forms.
The tai chi group performed consistently better than the resistance-training and stretching groups in maximum excursion and in directional control.
When his allocation of NHS physiotherapy came to an end he took up Tai Chi and hasn't looked back.
But as well as aiding stress and improving general wellbeing, it could also be a major player in the fight against a variety of more serious medical conditions, including cancer, according to a Tai Chi therapist.
Tai chi (tai chi chuan or taijiquan) is a gentle meditative exercise of flowing circular movements, balance, breathing techniques, visualisation and focused internal awareness.
A Program of regular tai chi exercises improved measures of quality of life in patients with chronic heart failure but failed to improve more conventional measures of exercise efficacy, compared with patients who only received education.
A former engineer has given up his career just for kicks - and is hoping to spark a new craze by offering Tai Chi classes.
They were randomly assigned to receive a 12-week tai chi exercise program or a heart health education program (attention control), noted Dr.
PENSIONERS can help combat depression by taking up the ancient Chinese art of tai chi, according to a study.
Tai chi can make a significant difference in older patients with major depression as an addon to antidepressant medication, according to a pilot study.