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the point of a joke or humorous story

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Our new tagline is our impact lasts a lifetime," said Sadie Funk, executive director, First3Years.
The CUSO meant the the tagline, "Your home lending partner," for example, to appeal directly to both partner credit unions and homebuyers.
We are more than happy to share the tagline artwork with the industry," KRMCA Executive Director Finley Messick tells the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.
But more heads have turned with the jokes and puns on the tagline going viral on social networking sites.
According to CNN, the new tagline aims to teach consumers about the benefits of drinking milk.
Insulatus deals in production of a range of load bearing and tagline insulators to insulate andprotect personnelin contact with the load from electrocution.
This new tagline also reflects the evolution of Toyota and its new brand direction and commitment to develop more emotionally compelling products to connect with consumers.
The new tagline reflects customers trust earned over the years by Talkshawk with a brand commitment, enabling its subscribers to keep on using their favorite services with complete peace of mind.
The company decided that the new tagline would appeal to a broader global customer base that was unfamiliar with the brand's history.
Our new identity and tagline demonstrate our commitment to evolve and expand our reach.
launched a new corporate logo and tagline as it marks three decades of dedication and service to physicians and the medical community.
But how do you know if your tagline is actually effective?
Another popular tagline is "Start Here, Go Anywhere.
How do you capture the image of a state in a tagline, a two or three or four word phrase that tells potential visitors and business partners that your environment is just what they're looking for?
Sysco Corporation (NYSE:SW) has introduced a new logo and tagline, "Good things come from Sysco .