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Synonyms for tagalong

someone who persistently (and annoyingly) follows along


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Some folks prefer tagalong hitch systems, while others prefer gooseneck.
For the mailing package, a tagalong was used to present Roen's newsletter and make it stand out in the mailbox.
The Export-Import Bank of Korea (Kexim) will not exercise its tagalong rights for its 6.
National Grille, Blackstone Golf Club - Daisy Doodles; Tagalong Mini Shrimp Tacos
Then make plans for just the two of you, 8o she doesn't keep feeling like a tagalong.
And since the Euro-designed frame is 30 percent lighter than your average camper, towing this cute little tagalong doesn't demand an auxiliary gas tank: At less than 2,000 pounds, the T@B is easily pulled by a full-size sedan.
We have the crazed daredevil in Jay and Sid as his tagalong best friend.
And boards' decisions are rarely influenced by minority shareholders, but this is beginning to change as new laws give them tagalong rights (3) and the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange presses for their representation on the financial committees of boards, thus handing them a veto over the selection of outside auditors.
Another promising gene vector the scientists are studying is tagalong, also discovered by Fraser.
play[ing] tagalong tagalong to white art, but also continu[ing] the dead myth of black art inferiority" (113).
Memorex, the Memorex logo, PartyCube Sound System, PartyCube CD Sound System, TagAlong Portable Boombox, PurePlay Portable Speaker and Imation are trademarks of Imation Corp.
Craig said they are not certain what the future holds but Bailey loves playing games on his Xbox, the colour green which his room is decorated in and his tagalong bike.
Consider an economy 16-foot tagalong (the kind with the hitch at the rear of the tow vehicle) livestock trailer with a 5,000-pound gross towed weight rating (GTWR).
36 (435m): Target Cheyanne, Funcheon Hi, Carmine Meo, Rosmon Hillbilly (M), Tagalong Liam (W), Sourhill Mal (W).
SE) from Export-Import Bank of Korea (Kexim) as Kexim has decided to exercise its tagalong rights for the stake.