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an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller's premises

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Running throughout the event was the embryo tag sale in which buyers were able to buy lots, on a first-come first-served basis, provided by breeders from the UK, Ireland, Europe and Canada.
All tag sale deadlines listed in the regulations are still in effect.
Two sets of flea market owner-operators on Route 20 want to hold a townwide tag sale and a craft fair on their properties next October, but may need a change in a town bylaw to do so.
When George Barris cleans out his garage, it's no ordinary tag sale.
The money was raised during a tag sale benefit sponsored by Houlihan/Lawrence's Somers office and all of the proceeds from the sale were donated to the Shenorock community.
We can come in to the home and run an estate tag sale for the family over the course of two or three days," Phyllis Saugey said.
Albert Matyasovsky, a resourceful employee at Pennsylvania State U, has turned student discards into a tag sale open to the Community Park area.
Rusted tin cans, rotting carpets, refrigerators, a playground set, coffee makers, toilet seats, paint cans, deer carcasses stuffed into garbage cans, tons of household garbage, thousands of tires--the list reads like a cross between a town dump inventory and a tag sale.
We won't even remember its name but our next big tag sale will be ablaze with bargain incubators.
Third Annual Holiday Bazaar Featuring homemade crafts and baked goods created by residents, tag sale items, raffles and products from local vendors.
ONE of the key highlights of this weekend's Borderway UK Dairy Expo will be the first ever UK Embryo Tag sale.
To play amateur anthropologist, this tag sale phenomenon seems to reflect that shopping has become a basic need for the 20th Century human.
The tag sale is really just a way for us to put out there to the community different items that the market has collected over the years.
A portion of the proceeds from the August Red Tag Sale were earmarked for Go Red at participating Flooring America stores nationwide.
You know, if you live in the country in the summer you just go from tag sale to tag sale, and you just find .