tag along

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go along with, often uninvited

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Locations:State-WideKeywords:Highway Equipment & SuppliesBid Description:NOTICE OF INVITATION TO BID January 4, 2016 You are hereby notified that the Vermont Office of Purchasing and Contracting has issued an RFQ entitled: TAG ALONG TRAILERS If you are interested in submitting a bid, please go to the following web site: http://bgs.
When pups first tag along with a foraging party, they're "fairly incompetent" says Thornton.
Using the Iridium network of global satellites, the prototype is a combination unit that includes a traditional RFID tag along with global positioning system and satellite capabilities, giving defense transportation personnel access to the tag's location--within feet of its exact position.
Darjeeling is perfect, since wannabe lovers will not tag along to India and running into a trick is unlikely.
In fact, Carnet De Voyage is a joy to read--we get to tag along with the author as he experiences travel diarrhea, camel aerodynamics and Gaudi architecture.
And you don't have to tag along with your parents to some boring show or fa-fa formal.
or I guess they were going there to do a demo and I was there to tag along.
As this terrific tandem continues to march higher, watch for the stock to tag along for the ride.
He persuades Kat to let him tag along when she goes to see her cousin, and something in the landlady's demeanour alerts Ryan to the fact that Stacey is about to do a runner.
I wonder if Stephen will let me tag along when his marathon training starts up again.
The main threats should be provided by Dermot Flynn's litter-comrades Tag Along Toss and Tag Along Boss.
For years, Andrew would tag along with his mother to watch his older sister, Kacee, perform in cheerleading contests all around the state.
Several trillion bacteria tag along within the intestines of a typical person or other mammal.
Conveniently, she meets a boy about her age--but a more seasoned solo traveler-aboard the train and accepts his invitation to tag along with him as he visits his aunt in Tijuana.