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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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Pencil, lightweight paper, twenty-five gauge aluminum foil, tongue depressor, pad of newspaper, taffy apple stick, bamboo skewer, yard markers, petroleum jelly, cheesecloth, white glue, tissue paper, tempera paint, yarn, nontoxic dyes, cellophane
But my clever students searched through magazines for specialty desserts, Popsicles[R] and taffy apples.
Snows: dark red, tart, white flesh, excellent keepers, old-time favorites, make best taffy apples.
Golden new draught Grand Slam Ale joins the award-winning company's portfolio of Tomos Watkin bottled beers, Taffy Apples Cider and seasonal casks.
Tomos Watkin Taffy Apples Cider and 1879 Lager are also available.
The person who comes up with a suitable name for the new product will get a "year's supply of ale" as well as Celtic Cider Taffy Apples as a prize, says Tomos Watkin joint owner Phil Parry.
The Hurns Brewing Company from Swansea said its True Taste Award-winning Taffy Apples cider was proving a hit with drinkers in Denmark, with exports rapidly increasing.
Among the Welsh drinks it peddles are Cardiff's Brains SA on hand-pull, with Taffy Apples cider and Tomos Watkins' Cwrw'r Haf and Magic Lagyr nestling in bottles in the fridge.
For lager drinkers Krombacher Pils is served on draught and cider lovers have Taffy Apples to enjoy.
As well as beers in the Tomos Watkin range, it is experiencing increasing sales for its Celtic Cider and Taffy Apples brands, together with seasonal varieties of cask ale such as Cwrw Haf, Cwrw Santa and Dewi Sant.
Off-sales for Tomos Watkin ales and others in the brewery's range, including Taffy Apples cider, are up 66% year on year.
If you prefer a longer drink, the Hurns Brewing Company's Taffy Apples cider is a rare treat.
Currently there are five varieties of bottled beers in the Tomos Watkin range as well as the increasingly popular Taffy Apples Cider and several seasonal varieties of cask ale, such as, Cwrw Haf, Cwrw Santa and Dewi Sant.
By the time we'd downed our half of Taffy Apples farm cider, our lunch was served.
Hurns already produces Taffy Apples, a Welsh answer to the phenomenally successful "over ice" Irish cider Magners.