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Based on their analysis, Hoberg's team showed that 12 named genera of taeniid tapeworms belong to 1 genus, Taenia.
Sequences were aligned with homologous sequences from all taeniid species in GenBank as of April 7, 2013 (Table).
Identification of taeniid eggs in the faeces of carnivores based on multiplex PCR using targets in mitochondrial DNA.
In our study, molecular identification of these taeniid samples was conducted in Asahikawa, Japan in 2006.
Fecal egg examination is generally used; however, infection is difficult to confirm because the morphology of taeniid eggs is indistinguishable from those of E.
Given that a reduced optical density value was obtained after administration of the taeniacidal drug, the false-positive result of the coproantigen test might have been caused by another taeniid species.
These specimens and new samples have been shown to be a new species of taeniid cestode belonging to the genus E.
Detection, screening and community epidemiology of taeniid cestode zoonoses: cystic echinococcosis, alveolar echinococcosis and neurocysticercosis.
Therefore, we isolated taeniid eggs from the fecal samples followed by E.
Fecal samples were examined by the following methods: Taeniid egg detection by microscopy following a flotation enrichment (9); identification of isolated E.