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a slight amount or degree of difference

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Catrin Mara (Ann) and Dyfan Roberts (Arwyn) in Y Tad But it's also a play that constantly confounds expectations and works almost like a thriller as complete strangers keep on turning up in Arwyn's flat claiming to be characters we've already met.
6948 which mandates that a veteran, with or without a service-connected disability, upon reaching the age of 70, is deemed totally disabled and becomes entitled to the TAD pension (P1,700 a month), and his wife and each unmarried minor child become entitled to the counterpart TAD pension (P500 a month).
Gazette editor Ranald Allen is first up to speak to the audience of delegates from all over the country as the TAD |Centre holds the national Newspapers in Education conference in July 1999
The proportion of subjects who experienced symptoms of TAD was noted, and the demographic details for these subjects were compared to those of the whole population.
As of 2013, Clearwater will expand its TAD offering to include ultra-premium national brand-comparable bath tissue in both soft and strong varieties," he said.
A family history of TAD should be a red flag for living blood relatives.
Y fath yma o ymroddiad ac angerdd am werthoedd a defodau'r Eglwys a barodd i'r cynhyrchydd a'r cyfarwyddwr ffilm, Pete Telfer o gwmni Pixel Foundry i ymddiddori yng ngwaith a chennad y Tad Deiniol.
He grapples with his own sexuality in the film and expresses his inner loathing by making fun of Tad at every opportunity.
Shoe presses increase bulk and consequently softness and absorbency, supplying some of the same benefits as TAD technology.
Bydd rhaglen arbennig awr o hyd ar S4C nos Fawrth yn edrych ar ffrwyth gweledigaeth yr Offeiriad Uniongred, y Tad Deiniol, a sefydlodd yr Eglwys ym mhentref Manod.
Grocery store clerk Rosalee Futch (Kate Bosworth) has always imagined meeting handsome and debonair film star Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel).
Grocery store clerk Rosalee Futch (Bosworth) has always imagined meeting handsome and debonair film star Tad Hamilton (Duhamel).
She wins a competition to go on a date with the fast-living, drink-driving Hollywood heartthrob Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel).
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton wants to be a harmless PG-13 romantic comedy, but its exaggerated improbabilities send mixed signals.
Somewhere in the midst of a long casting process that preceded filming the romantic comedy, ``Win a Date With Tad Hamilton