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Prior practice with tactile pictures involved use of tactually illustrated books (i.e., books with braille content and raised-line pictures depicting objects), use of tactile diagrams or maps including braille legends at home and/or at school.
Symbols may not need to tactually resemble their referents in Phase 1 of instruction, saving teachers who want to purchase manufactured symbols considerable time.
If dolphin and kingfish are my main target, Tactually feel more confident running right past the bait-catching boats with a few dozen ballyhoo (if trolling) ora box or two of sardines (if drift fishing).
(12) This understanding of the link between vision, touch, and memory bears importantly on the interpretation of Rauschenberg and other artists' use in their paintings of tactually familiar, sensuous materials like textiles.
Following training, the study individuals were able to match auditory input to tactually discerned shapes and showed generalization to new auditory-tactile or sound-touch pairings.
* Anatomically and tactually correct tissues are easy to replace and offer each student a first cut experience.
People who have been tactually deprived as children often recoil from touch as adults.
She gives birth disconnected from her body and "without feeling," unable to register the experience tactually or visually.
Finally, Brugger and Graves (1997b) had blindfolded participants attempt to tactually bisect a rod.
So, if a document can be displayed visually on the computer screen, I can independently convert it to a format that I can tactually and audibly read with the IVEO Touchpad.
She was said to have learned about the house tactually, though I cannot see her climbing on the walls and roof.
Not only did this ideal Yagwoia woman come to him and announce that she wants and desires him but she tactually identified herself with him.
The presentation of the types of objects correlative to the desire for nourishment and sexuality moves the animal in the direction of the object that it comes to apprehend tactually and in apprehending consumes or mates with or cares for or fights with.
The finish of a product--including surface improvements, luster and cleanliness--expresses immense volumes of information to a consumer, both in the perception of quality that is seen, and the quality that is tactually imparted.