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I once asked an American doctor tactlessly (I admit now) why is it that they leave their parents in nursing or retirement homes.
The tweet was highly unsympathetic and tactlessly used 'humour' to communicate about a disorder that affects more than 70 million people across the world on a daily basis.
The bumpy path that Baxter - who has gone onto play for Oldham Athletic and now Sheffield United since departing Goodison - has followed is testament to the trials and tribulations that football's teenage sensations face with many claiming that the Premier League's prodigious talents get 'too much too young.' Even though Baxter somewhat tactlessly declared in 2013 that: "I never stopped being a Liverpool fan" despite being exclusively an Everton player from the age of seven-and-ahalf, swathes of Blues supporters will no doubt be shaking their heads wistfully over the failure of one of their former prospects to hit the dizzying heights originally expected of him.
(16) At one point, he tactlessly called the bureaucracies at the Pentagon "a threat, a serious threat, to the security of the United States of America." (17) While many in the military concurred that the Pentagon's bureaucracy needed improvement, the implication that America's own military posed a security threat needlessly tainted civil-military relations and prevented a partnership between Rumsfeld and reform-minded officers that could have been far more effective in restructuring the Pentagon.
Tactlessly, the Nigerian-state either inadvertently or purposely cannot account for their IDP figure in order to remedy their displacement challenges.
I asked her a lot of questions to get her medical history; and without even checking her marital status, I asked tactlessly, "Are you taking contraceptive pills?" (Hormonal pills are known to raise the blood pressure).
"Do you have a lover?" The asylum case officer probed tactlessly. If by that he meant whether I had a live-in boyfriend with whom I slept every night, then I didn't.
The absence of big literary names--Pearson excepted--has the merit of nullifying the charge once routinely levelled at British converts: that of wanting to join what Belloc, in 1920, somewhat tactlessly called 'the bosses and the chic.' Many avenues remain open to any Australian craving membership among 'the bosses and the chic' (Liberal or ALP preselection, reality-TV appearances, Taylor Swift's media secretariat); yet Catholicism is not among them.
"[euro]ere'll also probably be some animation and dancing and props and music and a tactlessly callous lack of emotional pay-o."
In it, she notes with some discontent Cochrane's "great change in manner" towards her and her daughters, and rather tactlessly wonders if that change might arise from a needless worry that she might "disclos[e] any thing that may have passed ...
Four-year-old Charlie's tactlessly loud assertion that it was "rubbish" was just the confirmation we felt we needed.
I regarded my parents' attitudes toward Germany as shameful, and on more than one occasion I all too tactlessly told them so.
It's a clear attempt by both sides to manipulate their readership and it tactlessly uses the heroes and victims the Guardian set out to celebrate as little more than political platforms, poster children for a debate that has little to do with them.
Arriving shortly after us the registrar performed a scan and when finished, she swung the monitor around to show me and pointing with her index finger she tactlessly exclaimed, "See?