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Synonyms for tactility

the quality or condition of being discernible by touch

the faculty or ability to perceive tactile stimulation

Synonyms for tactility

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Scarpa's architecture creates a dialogue between concept and making, visuality and tactility, artistic invention and tradition.
We're focusing on raw beauty - tactility, texture and fresh white forms, which bring purity to a home - think weaves, cane work and wood grain with layered, natural finishes.
Brand new, the metal evokes scientists and intellectual adventurers in a world before ephemeral, digital technologies, when scientific developments had tactility and heft.
A rug adds tactility to virtual-reality entertainment.
To do this he needed DuPont Crastin PBT, a strong and durable material, for structural firmness, and the flexibility of thermoplastic elastomer, Hytrel, for enhanced softness and pleasant tactility of the surface.
Of course, every painting exerts a powerful pull on the senses, whether it's through the tactility of still-life objects or the soft eroticism and sculptural evocation of the flesh.
Tactility, comfort, and quality are an important attribute of the piece itself.
Handling raw materials gives the artist a sense of control and tactility.
Ansell's Microflex 93-260 is an extremely thin, chemical-resistant, single-use glove that offers tough protection against a broad range of chemicals, while still providing the dexterity and tactility of a thin, disposable glove.
Tree branches that cry or sing in this piece find analogues in poems that also associate voice with tactility, such as "Himno de la victoria"(Victory hymn) and "Casualidades"(Strokes of luck), both of which relate singing with sewing.
The resulting works are characterized by enigmatic and mutable forms, luminous passages emerging from darkness and a heightened tactility.
Constantia Flexibles in South Africa were tasked with converting the bottle decoration to a pressure sensitive label (PSL), while maintaining the same level of tactility.
The tactility of textiles can be used to integrate hard goods, such as appliances and technology, seamlessly into the home.
90mm which allows excellent levels of tactility and fingertip sensitivity.
The MX-5 isn't about straight line pace, it's about agility and tactility.