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Synonyms for tactility

the quality or condition of being discernible by touch

the faculty or ability to perceive tactile stimulation

Synonyms for tactility

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According to BASF, the processing was made easy by Terblend N's excellent flowability, which enabled the auto supply company to mold "the finest of textures to obtain a matte finish" of the desired tactility that required no painting.
"Ruth wished to maintain tactility by making hard surfaces soft as opposed to the normally conceived harsh urban environment of concrete," Belford says.
All the senses including vision, are extensions of the sense of touch: the senses are specializations of the skin, and all sensory experiences are related to tactility. Ashley Montagu's view, based on medical evidence, confirms the primacy of the tactile realm: '[The skin] is the oldest and the most sensitive of our organs, our first medium of communication, and our most efficient protector [...].
It reinforced the formidable, labor-intensive tactility of the artist's practice, but it also underlined a nagging sense of absence and neglect.
The predominantly industrial materials also lack a certain warmth and tactility. However, there can be no disputing Koolhaas' capacity for formal innovation, and the extraordinary stage he creates for the spectacle of student life.
In these encrusted canvases, paint occupies as central a motif as the nominal faces: It produces form while reinforcing itself through raw, plain tactility. Up close, paint curlicues in minute arcs, casting tiny shadows, while the long strokes reveal a rainbow of adjacent color; from afar, the works' global physicality as made things is pronounced.
Informed by civic symbolism, material tactility and a strong sense of drama, West 8's proposals for Schouwburgplein show how an ailing public space can be ingeniously rehabilitated.
Tactility is a consistent feature of his work, and it is typical that the finger traces are simultaneously real and illusionistic.
Paper rationing meant an inevitable loss of the seductive, glossy tactility that had become a hallmark of the Review - some pages were printed on very thin, lightly coloured paper.
There are echoes of Eileen Gray in the bent metal fittings and geometrically notched screen, in the industrial tactility of the interior.
Related visual high jinks animate a pair of works from Auerbach's 2008-2009 "Crumple Paintings" series, allover expanses of halftone dots that coalesce, from afar, into images of crinkled sheets of paper--Op art that acknowledges its own fugitive tactility.
From being merely enclosed by a vault of glass on the platforms, you rise and are gradually enclosed - and involved with - the tactility of elements of structure.
The Drawing Center's show, neatly (perhaps too neatly) arranged to take a viewer through the many rapid phases of Morton's oeuvre, opened with a number of such works, delicate pencil drawings from the early '70s that would seem to proceed with modular fidelity but begin almost at once to lean toward evoking soft tactility (her cubes very often more like pillows) and subsequently toward topography.
With the loss of tactility and the measures and details crafted for the human body and hand, architecture becomes repulsively flat, sharp-edged, immaterial and unreal.
An incommensurability persists among her media: The industrially produced carpet functions much like a monochrome painting; the wood engraving enacts the tactility of fabric; and the digital video depicts an analog technology.