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Synonyms for tactility

the quality or condition of being discernible by touch

the faculty or ability to perceive tactile stimulation

Synonyms for tactility

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Connecting these two sections is Alison Griffith's essay, which also uses a media archaeological approach to make connections between the power, promises, and pleasures afforded by contemporary 3-D technologies and medieval forms of visual culture that created depth and emergence effects in the absence of a visible screen (which bears important relation to Loew's analysis of "Pepper's Ghost") while invoking the tangibility and tactility so central to the pleasures of past and present incarnations of 3-D cinema (as both Loew and Caetlin Benson-Allott demonstrate).
Then the relationship among the noise attenuation capacity of the six hedges, including leaf area (A), leaf weight (W), leaf tactility (T), and leaf shape (S), was analyzed with statistical analysis system (SAS) software.
Tiptronics feature no such "double-gears" and conversely, a standard auto shift gate often allows better tactility due to the fact that one can skip gears on the downshift, which can be problematic in often slow responding tiptronics where each press of the button shifts one gear up or down.
The custom-styled tower at 200 Eleventh Avenue rises from a cast gunmetal glazed terra cotta base, which adds tactility and warmth at the building's street level.
Sam's program is unique to him and addresses all areas of his development including physical, fine and gross motor skills, speech, oral motor, cognitive processing and learning, mobility, tactility, nutrition and behavior.
Even so, Larson's gift for rendering an historical era with vibrant tactility and filling it with surprising personalities makes Thunderstruck an irresistible tale.
Throughout these works there is an organic tactility and her exhibition at Kazari Collector Gallery has elevated her craft to prized artworks and decorative forms.
At the same time, however, the pieces are also a spontaneous response to the shape and tactility of cheezels and popcorn as comfort food.
Moreover, the OM3000 series provides products with a "soft-touch" tactility.
On both counts, Chidester's argument for recovering tactility is laudable.
The verses to which I felt myself the most drawn are those that reflect on the tactility of daily experience--there are plenty of poems on love, lust, and courtesans, but also quite funny, charming quatrains on bed lice (p.
Fiona's most recent work has combined Boroque wallpaper patterns with painted fragments of Bernini's sculptures, focusing particularly on the sense of touch - on hands and the tactility of cloth - and on heightened sensua t y.
Besides snappy colors, Conan offers tactility, thermoformability, translucency and design flexibility.
In painting, I can be free with my feelings - with color, touch, feeling the tactility of the paint on my hands.
However, our customers still overwhelmingly prefer the unparalleled comfort, tactility and reliability of pre-powdered latex gloves.