tactile sensation

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the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin

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Even amongst experienced clinicians, the use of anatomical averages and tactile sensation has been shown to be unreliable and are subjected to marked intra-subject differences.
This coating is designed to provide a rich tactile sensation while offering comparatively durable product-resistance properties.
Or "are they experiencing it like touch and they're just associating a tactile sensation with this stuff in the environment?
The coatings are designed to provide a rich tactile sensation while offering comparatively durable product-resistance properties.
Implantation of a prosthetic is a secondary procedure and takes place at least a year after the initial operation because monitoring for stricture and fistula formation is necessary after the first procedure, and regained tactile sensation is a prerequisite for prosthetic placement (Hoebeke et al., 2005; Hu et al., 2005; Monstrey et al., 2009).
Apple also added to the watch a so-called taptic engine, which "taps'' users on the wrist with a tactile sensation when they receive alerts, messages or notifications.
But when it comes to actually understanding and remembering what you read, several studies suggest that paper books have serious advantages: Readers tend to approach them more seriously, for starters, and the tactile sensation of turning the page helps them navigate lengthier or more complicated texts.
A person could spend quite some time marveling at how simply and forcefully the horizontal white bands of Woodshed Vine, 2013, convey the texture of chipping house paint, or at the economy with which brushstrokes of ochre in the seven-panel work Foundation, 2013, conjure a deep, tactile sensation of caked, dried mud.
As the question utilized in the present study asked participants whether they had ever experienced a floating sensation prior to sleep, it is not surprising that most participants did respond in terms of a tactile sensation (rather than visual or auditory accounts of floating).
The details of the gun come alive at the smallest level, giving the reader an almost tactile sensation. Thanks for taking the time to put a quality product on the market for the benefit of us all.
As it was giving excellent tactile sensation of the dissection, it acted as a guard against inadvertent injury to the overlying skin.
"What I'm obsessed with is breaking the usual tactile sensation of a material and finding other possible impressions of it." Of course, there's some evidence that design had an early edge over art in his repertoire.
After her laughter recedes, you have now become hypersensitive to the minutest tactile sensation on the back of your neck, whether it's your wife, the breeze, or a real or imagined bug.