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Synonyms for tactics

the branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy

a plan for attaining a particular goal

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Lim, in conceding how these tactics had actually managed to garner some success through victories in the Cameron Highlands, Semenyih, and Rantau by-elections, pointed out how DAP's landslide victory in the recent Sandakan polls sent Najib's strategists back to the drawing board.
'Pwedeng mangyari din iyon [para] magpasok ng 'shabu' in other places, although kung diversionary ito napakarami naman, napakalaking halaga ito para gawing diversionary tactics,' he said.
Second, Bolino and Turnley (2003) used Jones and Pittman's (1982) model to categorize IM tactics into three profiles of IM use: positive, passive, and aggressive.
Foes' puerile tactics have done nothing but increased popularity of the Nawaz Sharif', the daughter of Nawaz asserted.
What is good, and possibly excellent, is that the author understands well enough, and advocates for, an understanding of tactics based in their utility to strategy and thus policy.
The influence attempts are broadly classified into hard, soft, and rational tactics. While the soft tactics, like ingratiation, have been substantially investigated in the past similar investigation of hard tactics such as upward appeal, and coalition, has relatively lagged, even though the latter have been discussed elsewhere in other contexts e.g.
Addressing the slope trawl fishery required a selection of all fishing trips that captured slope resources by using a range of tactics, varying from trips that conducted occasional deep tows within a mostly coastal operation, to those fully directed at slope areas.
"Krav Maga Professional Tactics" covers: Mind-sets, reactions, and tactics in response to violence; The highest-level counters against multiple armed attacks and threats; Core kick, clinch, and tackle defenses; Core ground survival tactics; Multiple-opponent strategies and tactics;
Naval Institute on Naval Tactics is a collection of thirteen essays assembled by Captain Wayne Hughes, USN (Ret.)--author of several books, most notably Fleet Tactics and Coastal Combat and Military Modeling for Decision Making.
"Pakistan's asymmetric tactics must be totally different from opponent's tactics", they said, listing a "few practicable steps" to achieve their goal.
If the Intelligence Warfighting Function (IWfF) fails to properly visualize, describe, and predict enemy tactics in time and space, it will become irrelevant to the operational force.
The present study was an attempt to explore the level of job satisfaction through upward influence tactics used by employees perceiving organizational politics.
Among specific deal tactics, participation rose only in rebates and comparison shopping for better deals across retail channels, TABS said.
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