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Synonyms for tactics

the branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy

a plan for attaining a particular goal

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Keeping verbal onslaught up, Maryam claimed such scurrilous tactics are adopted by only those who face defeat in their lives.
During the operations, Afghan Army and Air Force representatives meet with the Special Tactics Airmen to discuss how to increase airpower at Faryab province airfields.
In this paper we focus on the last form of OP variously termed as influence tactics and impression management.
My only criticism of On Tactics is that some of the selected essays veer into areas that could more aptly be described as "strategy" or "enterprise management.
They emphasised that the "enemy" was employing tactics of "asymmetric" warfare against Pakistan.
A common excuse offered was the need for more intelligence, but this is the precise reason for studying tactics, it enables prediction of enemy action without observing the entire enemy system.
Findings also provided the significant main and interaction effects of perceived politics and influence tactics on job satisfaction.
Tactics Ogre is a turn-based title, which shares similarities with Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea.
I submit that speakers who cry foul pressure opponents to repair or abandon questionable tactics by making a norm determinate, and by making manifest the badness of the tactic and that the speaker is exercising forbearance.
2, Tactics in Counterinsurgency, is not simply a training document; it is not only a recipe for ambush tactics; and it is not some highbrow tome about insurgency theories.
In Sigi Schmid's Defensive Soccer Tactics, one of the sport's top coaches reveals the key defensive concepts that all winning teams must have to stop an attack, win possession, and begin the counterattack.
RANGERS manager Walter Smith has mounted a defence of the safety-first tactics which have taken his side to the brink of the Champions League knock-out stages.
Kipnis, Schmidt, and Wilkinson (1980) reduced 370 influence tactics to a small number of categories: assertiveness, rationality, ingratiation, exchange, coalition, upward appeal, blocking and, finally, the use of sanctions.
Republicans are most likely to support changing the tactics used in fighting the war, while the majority of Democrats and independents support changing the overall strategy.
The tactics that Rove calls "game-changers" were intended not just to win an election or two, but to use those victories to rig the rules forever.
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