tactical intelligence

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intelligence that is required for the planning and conduct of tactical operations

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In those circumstances, we must rely on judgment of short-term tactical intelligence. But most cases are in the "muddy middle"--where there is a group that has existed for at least several years, we need to qualify the tactical intelligence based on the demonstrated attack pattern of the group.
Assuming you have a framework for consuming tactical intelligence - security intelligence - your organization can now start to incorporate some of those feeds and reports into your daily activities.
Shane MacDougall, a principal at Tactical Intelligence, also called iris scanning arguably the best identification method for use at border crossings, but there are several challenges that will make it difficult to deploy in the U.S.
The active data warehouse provides strategic and tactical intelligence throughout the enterprise, Wimmer said.
Supervisors are already responsible for the conduct of several tiger teams, tracking intelligence, and ensuring quick dissemination of tactical intelligence, as well as for several other intelligence and administrative functions.
tactical intelligence. The concern is that there is such a demand to show "progress" that Petraeus is launching more and more special operations raids just for the purpose of improving his statistics.
--The level of intelligence--in soccer, the intelligence--resolvent-productive side of the personality--acts as technical skills, as well as, tactical intelligence.
The Houla incident also demonstrates that Israel has refocused its efforts on gathering tactical intelligence, after the debacle of the 2006 war from that perspective, Hanna said.
has often been reluctant to provide tactical intelligence to Pakistan because the shared information frequently winds up in the hands of the Taliban or even al-Qaeda.
He also learned Mandarin Chinese while a tactical intelligence officer in the military.
An added complication turns up in the form of Special Agent Rachel Walling of the FBI's Tactical Intelligence Unit.
More importantly, Grant remains convinced that his job is to add maturity and tactical intelligence to players who lack the confidence to react spontaneously to events.
"Today we are standing up the Navy's first tactical intelligence command."
Rachel Walling of the FBI's Tactical Intelligence Unit is on the scene almost as soon as Harry Bosch with the LAPD Homicide Special Squad.
While Hizbullah has clearly made significant progress in the area of intelligence in general, its main achievements during the war were in tactical intelligence gathering.
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