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Synonyms for tactical

Synonyms for tactical

designed or implemented so as to gain a temporary limited advantage


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Despite its increasingly widespread use, however, tactical asset allocation has its detractors.
Schools should work with police in developing these plans because tactical and investigative considerations may impact the evacuation or release of students.
According to officials, the Tactical Trainer 2.0 will begin a series of more frequent new product introductions in the market.
Leaders do not substitute urgent tactical implications clouded by ambiguity for the important institution-level, complex system issues, and they are able to get others to recognize the difference.
The IDM V304 is not only fully compatible with the Tactical Internet; it can also transmit and receive the full spectrum of Joint Variable Message Format (JVMF) messages and interconnects the military's major networks in both maneuver and fire support.
The position of CNT leader, as well as tactical team leader, may be the most critical in a hostage-barricade incident.
Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command message 160445Z JUL 01 reaffirms the ALSAFE message 221850Z JUN 01 and states that units are to cease using the tactical vest as a floatation device.
Asset managers sometimes do turn lead into gold, so we took his inventory and printed "Tactical Asset Allocation" on the backs of the shirts.
Near Mar'a, six strikes hit six separate IS tactical units and destroyed four fighting positions, an IS improvised-explosive device cache, a tunnel and four vehicles, it said.
Dealers, would a $200 rebate entice your customers to purchase a new Benelli tactical firearm?
Special Operations Command (SOCOM), have recently made the decision to adopt each other's tactical command and control (C2) and situational awareness (SA) systems of record in order to improve interoperability for the ground force.
Company to Test and Integrate Tactical Command Support Software for U.S.
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