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Synonyms for tactical

Synonyms for tactical

designed or implemented so as to gain a temporary limited advantage


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Atlantic Tactical began doing business with Safariland in 1989 and became an exclusive Safariland armor distributor in 1995.
Modern information and networking technologies normally realised by software engineers and programmers in the Laguna integrated simulators provide realistic operational models of both single ships/boats and various-purpose naval tactical forces, such as search-and-strike, antisubmarine, reconnaissance, landing and other teams.
BDS Tactical gear is well-respected and trusted by those in the military, public safety, and law enforcement.
Tactical Air Defense offers air combat training, air to air refueling, aerial fire-fighting, and specialty aerial services to the United States and its allied countries.
Colonel Tomme's article also leaves the reader with the impression of tactical satellites as a replacement for existing constellations of satellites: "A tactical war fighter needs persistent imagery.
The development of a tactical plan is a good way to stimulate ideas and concerns in your office.
Tactical Navigation Techniques teaches students to adapt navigational skills to a law enforcement situation.
The IDM V304 is not only fully compatible with the Tactical Internet; it can also transmit and receive the full spectrum of Joint Variable Message Format (JVMF) messages and interconnects the military's major networks in both maneuver and fire support.
For the more action-oriented, Wilson Combat now offers the UT-15 Urban Tactical Carbine.
Integrated - Puzzling though this may seem, less than a third of companies tightly integrate the strategic plan with their tactical and financial plans.
The global market for tactical radios represents a small part of defense equipment industry.
Near Mar'a, six strikes hit six separate IS tactical units and destroyed four fighting positions, an IS improvised-explosive device cache, a tunnel and four vehicles, it said.
Special Operations Command (SOCOM), have recently made the decision to adopt each other's tactical command and control (C2) and situational awareness (SA) systems of record in order to improve interoperability for the ground force.
3) By using locations previously unfamiliar to team members and tactical units, commanders may decrease the anxiety associated with a particular environment while also role-playing in a realistic setting.
Form follows function in today's market and "tactical is as tactical does," so just about everything is considered combatively correct these days.