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Synonyms for tactfulness

the ability to say and do the right thing at the right time

Synonyms for tactfulness

consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense

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Reminds of a priest whose virtue was definitely not tactfulness. After administering the Sacrament of Anointing to a cancer patient, he said, "You know, my father died of cancer, so with my brother." The mother of the patient cleared her throat and whispered: "Father, pwede ba, don't talk about that topic."
By practicing empathy to colleagues and patients, tactfulness, courtesy, and respect are demonstrated.
They'd tackle definitions, tips and team building activities that help the company's beneficiaries understand values they may have not learned yet including that of open mindedness, constructive criticism, leadership and tactfulness.
This change calls only for greater mutual tactfulness, JTRE wrote in its press release.
That meeting signalled the new reality of American foreign policy; one that seeks to force its own agenda on long-time partners and allies with little notice to diplomatic tactfulness and long-term strategic goals.
To sum it all up, every assistant owes it to herself to render the very best service she is capable of, and the degree of this service will depend on her personality, tactfulness, ability, judgement, cleanliness, and her knowledge of office management.
"My memory of it is the themes, the manner in which we held the discussions, the tactfulness and his absence of histrionics.
At that point, Askew says a campus administrator who oversees the campus custodians came up to him and commended him on his daughter's tactfulness.
Aggression may not be the right approach but tactfulness and seeking prompt assistance of law enforcement agencies can protect us from conmen.
sensitivity, understanding, thoughtfulness, consideration, diplomacy, discretion, discernment, judgement, prudence, judiciousness, perception, subtlety, wisdom, tactfulness; etiquette, courtesy, cordiality, politeness, decorum, mannerliness, polish, respect, respectfulness; savoir faire, politesse.
Blair's tactfulness led to the resolution of the afore mentioned issue and the new provisions on Common Foreign and Security Policy and the single currency were made optional for Britain.
An unusual amount of tactfulness is required, combined with sympathy of the most helpful kind.
Steve Jobs, another game-changer not well known for tactfulness, developed this thing called an iPhone.
The few times I tried to display tactfulness, I felt uncomfortable and somewhat dishonest, so I stayed with being candid even when becoming "brutally honest." In the long run, my lack of tactfulness diminished my effectiveness by angering others and/or hurting their feelings.
I try to walk the fine line between curiosity and tactfulness when it comes to talking politics at the dinner table.