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Synonyms for tactful

Synonyms for tactful

showing sensitivity and skill in dealing with others

Synonyms for tactful

having or showing a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others

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showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with people


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Careers in catering/ restaurant management If you have a tactful manner and an interest in serving the public, a career in catering or restaurant management may appeal.
She is able offers expert advice in a friendly and tactful way.
Dear Tactful Teller, You have options: 1) Do nothing.
If possible, have a tactful word with her mum and see if she knows about the boyfriend.
Be tactful and let him know the company is there to support him through any crisis.
If there are specific things he's done you feel your friend should know tell her, but be as tactful as you can.
Whether by oversight or by tactful design, the curriculum Gather Round was not exclusively prepared by the Brethren Press (an American denomination).
Chracterised by tactful and imaginative handling of light and views, Barajas has managed to break free from the dead hand of airport anomie.
He said: "I knew I'd have to be very tactful telling Nadine I wanted to go to the World Cup.
Exploring a Christian response to various elements in the novel, Fear Not Da Vinci introduces readers to such ideals and explanations for Christians as to whether or not it is okay to read the novel, if Jesus really was married, if Mary Magdalene is pictured in "The Last Supper", if Jesus was merely a man or a God, if women are holier then men, and tactful ways to approach analyzing and discussing Dan Brown's novel with a gentle touch--as opposed to an irrational and abrasively critical argument.
These are tactful and creative poems of philosophy, observation, and resplendent beauty.
As the internet continues to mature and expand, ordinary people find more and more of what they wish to accomplish or research can be quickly done on-line--something past generations never had, and e-Plan Your Wedding is the ultimate "user-friendly" reference for swift and tactful preparation of the big matrimonial day.
Company founder Angelin Preljocaj's response to the funding realignment was tactful.
website] The Tactful Teacher: Effective Communication with Parents, Colleagues, and Administrators, by Yvonne Bender.
Those who harbor that belief may find ways of being tactful, but believing that the difference between you and me is all the difference between heaven and hell fixes the greatest possible gulf between us.