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Synonyms for tactful

Synonyms for tactful

showing sensitivity and skill in dealing with others

Synonyms for tactful

having or showing a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others

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showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with people


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Furthermore, the motion urged the FRSC to be more tactful in its operations of minimizing accidents, ensuring that safety measures are observed by road users, including getting their particulars.
The analyst notes that the company's more "tactful messaging" conveys downward pressure to growth expectations and also sees the "realities" of Tesla becoming a volume player highlighting its "challenges to scale and deliver high volume at high ASPs/margins".
Benazir was intelligent, wise, sagacious, tactful, articulate and a leader of countless qualities.
'The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is taking a very careful and tactful approach when it comes to Social Media', PTI spokesperson Faisal Javed Khan stated while talking to a private news channel.
'People are saying I should be more tactful and less truthful.
"We've had people in thongs or swimwear that hasn't really been family friendly," says tactful manager Joe Stanhope.
He may have a point, but he could have been a lot more tactful about it.
Another netizen reminded the critic to be tactful when making comments.
Various topics of importance, such as methods of low speed driving, discretionary use of fog lights, tactful manoeuvring between tracks during fog, importance of restoring confidence among passengers, especially school children, were covered extensively during the training session.
The aim of people holding the second - the tactful perspective - is to negotiate and get along with others.
A tactful 21% said they would take someone aside and discreetly tell them they were suffering from halitosis.
WITH THE dust settling from the historic care and support workers' pay equity settlement, signed in May, my role as a union delegate has required me to be very tactful with unhappy members.
Tactful: A prudent response towards the nurse should state, "That was a great example, however the state you mentioned is not a compact state but your example could work with South Carolina which is a border state that participates within the NLC."
Tactful discussions of the hijab, prayers, holidays, and other traditions offer the opportunity to stress the importance of tolerating other cultures, while empathizing with people who are different.