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Synonyms for tackle

deal with






Synonyms for tackle

things needed for a task, journey, or other purpose

to start work on vigorously


Synonyms for tackle

the person who plays that position on a football team

Related Words

gear consisting of ropes etc

(American football) a position on the line of scrimmage

(American football) grasping an opposing player with the intention of stopping by throwing to the ground

accept as a challenge

put a harness

seize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball

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Player of the match went to Rowan, top tackler was Aidan and most improved was Zack Marshall.
Man Of The Match was Jerelle, top tacklers Jaden D and Jaiden and most improved Morgan.
Oak Park quarterback Sean Sammis passed for 146 yards, backup quarterback Doug Deakin rushed for 40 yards on four carries in another touchdown drive when Sammis temporarily left the game with an injury, Josh Moskowitz rushed for a game-high 90 yards and scored a touchdown, reserve Chris Evans scored on a 12-yard run on his first carry of the game, and linebacker Steven Lua led a defense that applied multiple tacklers on seemingly every stop.
So much so that top tackler of the game was awarded to Daniel May, who put in some textbook tackles.
Howell also is among the league's leading tacklers as an OLB.
With 2 minutes, 21 seconds remaining, Strong broke through the line on a third-down carry, then slid between two tacklers on a 54-yard touchdown run that gave host Nordhoff a stunning 35-28 upset of top-ranked Oaks Christian.
Scrum half and top tackler Luke Pogson had another fine game, slotting over three conversions and dictating play from half back.
Top tacklers were Vanessa Elam and Joe Cassidy, most improved was Kyle Longbottom and Man Of The Match was Joe Cassidy.
Robbie Casselberry, a running back who started the season as a varsity reserve, dodged two tacklers for a 22-yard touchdown that brought Hart within 20-12.
Milton, who is 5-foot-10, 210 pounds, gained much of his yardage by bulldozing through would-be tacklers after initial contact.
This was a much closer game in the slippery conditions, but Jordan Paga defied the conditions to score a stunning length-of-the-pitch, sidestepping five would-be tacklers in the process.
Watson remembered it usually took several tacklers to bring Jacobs down.
Byrne and Sylvester were joint man-of-the-match, with Joshua Blackmore and Alexander the top tacklers and Kyle Cross and Zak Duke the most improved.
Marquez, who wound up accounting for all but 42 of Notre Dame's 361 total yards, demonstrated his importance to the Knights' offense throughout the first half, starting with a 41-yard scoring run on an option keeper around right end and concluding a 243-yard first half with a brilliant 18-yard touchdown run on which he eluded three would-be tacklers in the final 5 yards to give Notre Dame a 20-0 lead minutes before halftime.
Matthew Brearley was player of the week and Jacob Glover and Oliver Szlachcic were joint top tacklers.