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a football player who tackles the ball carrier

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Coaching Points: On "Break down!", the tackler assumes the proper hitting position three yards from the sled with his shoulders square to the tackling pad.
Player of the match was Aidan, Rowan was awarded top tackler and most improved went to Zacharia Wrigley-Jones.
'I spoke to the referee beforehand and the only thing I talked about was the tackler and what was happening in the Premiership,' said the Scot.
He did not, however, tell them how to meet a tackler and did not warn them of the dangers of making initial contact with the head.
In fact, Leeds' new pounds 18million signing is an amazing 90th in the tacklers' table, according to Opta stats, and has made just two-and-a-half tackles per game in his 12 League matches.
The other top tackler was Vaughn Corcoran, who claimed five tries and put in some textbook tackles.
There is not a rugby ball in sight as the guys resurrect the age-old playground game, where runners try to get past tacklers in a full-contact version of tag.
They will then look to see if the tackler follows through with the hit, or attempts to pull out.
It also showed that 76 per cent of head injuries occur in the tackle, with 72 per cent of head injuries sustained in the tackle suffered by the tackler.
In a statement, World Rugby said: "Rugby is committed to an evidence-based approach to injury-prevention, and with the latest comprehensive research determining that tacklers who are upright carrying the greatest risk of head-injury, the trials are designed to change player behaviour by getting the tackler to attempt lower tackles and therefore lower the risk of injury.
He is described as "a strong tackler who is quick to make clearances".Representative of the national football representation, Milan Skriniar, has received another honour.
Indeed Henshaw was Ireland's top tackler on his return to Test action last week against Italy with 13 hits.
The opposition player (defending player) is referred to as the tackler. [2] The major aim of tackling is to prevent the attacking team from gaining territory and scoring points.
Difference in momentum between the ball-carrier and tackler is postulated to contribute to the risk of injury and play a part in predicting the outcome the tackle (Brooks et al., 2005; Eaton and George, 2006; Fuller et al., 2010; Garraway et al., 1999; Headey et al., 2007; Hendricks and Lambert, 2010; McIntosh et al., 2010; Quarrie and Hopkins, 2008; Sundaram et al., 2011; Takarada, 2003).
Panthers Niamh Ennis and Lewis Boothroyd put in good tackling efforts in a closely fought second half, with the coach's man of the match won by Crosby and top tackler was Myers.