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Synonyms for tackle

deal with






Synonyms for tackle

things needed for a task, journey, or other purpose

to start work on vigorously


Synonyms for tackle

the person who plays that position on a football team

Related Words

gear consisting of ropes etc

(American football) a position on the line of scrimmage

(American football) grasping an opposing player with the intention of stopping by throwing to the ground

accept as a challenge

put a harness

seize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball

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The trials were approved after unprecedented research by the governing body from more than 1,500 elite matches which confirmed that the risk of injury to both players from a high-contact tackle when both players are upright is 4.3 times greater than a low-contact tackle.
You should tackle it early so there is a chance to improve it.
"The high tackle sanction framework was developed in collaboration with unions, coaches, players, referees and medics to drive consistency and simplicity to the process of identification and sanctioning of dangerous foul play that carries the greatest risk of head-injury.
"With Boly's [tackle], if it doesn't make contact where it does it's an okay tackle," Mee added.
In particular, an incident like Kaino's tackle on Roberts, where it is hard to tell where the contact took place and, as such, even make a ruling in the letter of the law, is open to interpretation from all angles.
Reducing the tackle effect defence, interesting we'll see and a Rowland Reducing the height of the tackle will have an effect on the attack and the defence, and it will be interesting to see whether we see more off-loads and a quicker game, as there will be less chance to wrap the ball up."
Considering all the external and internal forces acting on live bodies during a collision in a real match situation, the measurement of physical components in a biomechanically complex situation like the tackle is virtually impossible.
Ryan says his own personal best tackle rate in a game is 18 to 20, and he acknowledges that O'Brien's effort was exceptional.
Another popular quote in the modern game when a tackle has been made is "his studs were showing" when it is impossible to tackle without them showing.
If you go in at speed and get your weight behind a tackle and you are trying to win the ball then of course that can be dangerous.
Shawcross, who was left distraught back in February after breaking Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey's leg with a lunging tackle, refuted comments by Fulham captain Danny Murphy.
"But Roy 100 per cent took the ball and just because the referee deems it an aggressive tackle he sent him off.
Last weekend, Wenger was incensed following a tackle from Bolton's Kevin Davies on Gael Clichy which left the full-back with a badly-bruised shin but resulted in only a yellow card.
The WINNER of our pounds 20 tackle voucher competition was Gosforth angler T Bransby, who correctly answered that the pier opposite Amble Pier is the Warkworth Pier.