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Synonyms for tackiness

the property of being cohesive and sticky

tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar

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Low viscosity provided by the new formulation aid also translates into a lighter feel and lower tackiness, both before and after absorption, for emulsions ranging from milky lotions to thick creams.
By utilizing Plasmatech's Thin-GLYDE process, tackiness or drag of rubber and elastomeric surfaces can be reduced, according to the company.
Tackiness or drag of rubber and elastomeric surfaces is significantly reduced and the coating also repels lint and other contaminants on silicone components.
Historian Petrula Kostovska comments for Utrinski vesnik that she is surprised by the kitsch and is awestricken by the tackiness of project "Skopje 2014".
Once considered as the height of tackiness, animal prints are fast becoming the ultimate style statement for interiors.
In a distracting move of cross-marketing confidence which borders on tackiness each previous title is worked into this story.
But pals say Gary, whose first marriage to childhood sweetheart Michelle ended after 20 years, has told planners he wants to avoid any hint of tackiness.
Since the degree of curing could be crucial to the fluidized bed coating process in this study and could affect the properties of coated particles such as tackiness and flowability, we investigated the curing kinetics of epoxy thin coatings on particles by using photo-Differential Scanning Calorimetry (photo-DSC) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR).
There's major kitsch value in most of the performances, which tend to ape anthemic-contempo-pop cliches, complete with gaudy costumes and choreography redolent of high 1980s New Wave/spandex tackiness. But the earnest creative naivete is endearing, the personalities even moreso.
A tackiness test reportedly revealed when a 500g load is applied for 1 min., it remains non-tacky.
It's true it's shorn itself of much of its native identity, the local accent being more Wolverhampton than Wales, but laudably has desisted the temptation to resort to tackiness. It still feels like a traditional fishing village.
Or the widespread celebrity culture; Big Brother in all its tackiness; internet chat rooms; clothing manufacturers producing thongs and mini skirts for eight-year-olds; and violent computer games?
on its own, without a need for cosmetic surgery, tackiness,
I have been to others, though, which could hold their own in a tackiness contest with the best of them.