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a worker who fastens things by tacking them (as with tacks or by spotwelding)

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a sewer who fastens a garment with long loose stitches


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a hand-held machine for driving staples home

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Most airlines consistently operated in the red and engaged in price wars in order to capture market share (Vasigh, Fleming, & Tacker, 2013).
Tacker says, "We offer installation and training on our instruments so our customers can execute the analytical methods correctly."
The great gold rushes of history are limned, and, along the way, the geology and mining history of famous gold provinces ("Gold Fever in the Southeastern USA," by Chris Tacker; "California and All That Is Golden," by Wayne Leicht; "Australian Gold: Mega-Nuggets from Down Under," by Dermot Henry and Bill Birch; "The Rush for Gold Turns North to Canada and Alaska," by Mark Mauthner; "Farncomb Hill: Colorado's Finest Gold Specimens," by Ed Raines).
US Surgical has a number of innovative items to address hernia repair including polypropylene mesh, dissection balloons for creating a working space for laparoscopic TEP procedures, and the ProTack[TM] Helical Tacker, a 5-mm fixation device that delivers a titanium helical staple.
"We easily saved $100,000 and probably a good deal more," added Dan Tacker, acting vice president of CCCS-IT.
Throughout the novel, in the scenes at the shipyard, Bob is faced with the vacillating hostility and sexual attraction of another migrant, Madge, a white woman from Texas working on another team as a tacker. Bob's relationship with Madge is the culmination of his deeply rooted fear that life in America for a black man inexorably leads to death by lynching, metaphoric or real.
Krystle who plays Jeevika in Ek Hazron Mein meri Behna Hain was to perform on a love song with her on screen beau Viren (Karan Tacker).
Tacker, director of information services at New Mexico Tech, one of 182 U.S.
Installed a Bravo Saddle Stitching Line with a Model 1540 Apollo compensating counter tacker at Corning Publishing Co.
A comprehensive integrated system for manufacturing and reworking flat panel LCD displays combines Model 3200 tacker and Model 6300 laminator systems.
will seek to sustain the momentum with the "Corona Zona" program, providing retailers with point-of-purchase materials designed to create a tropical look, including a six-foot palm tree wall tacker.
Until 1996, the Suzuki-built Tacker was available only in two-door form.
The introduction of the Asselin rotary tacker in the mid-1970's caused many needlepunchers to re-examine pre-needling practices and Dilo's Rontex concept for producing tubular needled structures provided new niches for specialty applications.
The heavy-duty electric tacker from Stanley Tools has a work-contacting lever feature which allows firing only when the tacker contacts the work surface.