tack hammer

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a light hammer that is used to drive tacks

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You need force to set a heavy gauge wire hook; it's hard driving a railroad spike with a tack hammer. A light or medium-power rod may get the hook point into the bass, but may lack the power to drive that hook past the barb.
Judy finishes by saying, "with a few taps of a tack hammer your curtains are hung, without damage to your walls or woodwork, what could be easier?"
The hammer was a tack hammer and not the more deadly lump or ball hammer.
In there I had a box of assorted nails, picture hangers and wire, a pair of pliers, a tack hammer that my father had given me from the tool drawer at home, and wrenches in several sizes.
To create three-dimensional features, you'll need wire cutters, a tack hammer or small ball peen hammer, and a scrap of 1-by-8.