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Synonyms for taciturnity

the keeping of one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

Synonyms for taciturnity

the trait of being uncommunicative

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She had obviously not heard anything to her advantage: and it seemed to me, from her prolonged fit of gloom and taciturnity, that she herself, notwithstanding her professed indifference, attached undue importance to whatever revelations had been made her.
The band of silver paleness along the east horizon made even the distant parts of the Great Plain appear dark and near; and the whole enormous landscape bore that impress of reserve, taciturnity, and hesitation which is usual just before day.
Oshiomhole lacks the political temperament, capacity for self-restraint and the taciturnity needed by a leader of a party that is in government.
The minimalism of the survey mirrors his clueless taciturnity. Teddy is a basket case and barely communicates except via a loud scream after occasional nightmares.
She evidently does not know that for his taciturnity "The Dumb
Isabella's taciturnity is more ambiguous than Cordelia's silence in King Lear.
"Language Power: Relational Rhetoric and Historical Taciturnity".
The taciturnity of the body language screams disunity, if such a thing is possible.
Through the narrator's voice, Pulci defends Malagigi's taciturnity: if Malagigi were to divulge certain information, "come un iddio sarebbe" (Morg.
When a religious-legal or theologico-political order is all embracing or offers a comprehensive way of life, as is the case in Islam and Judaism, according to the general picture offered by Strauss, a decision in favor of philosophy as a way of life may necessitate a certain taciturnity or reticence in the presentation of one's thoughts.
Salima may not have been able to entirely maintain the rebellious silence of her youth, but we can understand her taciturnity as nevertheless a deliberately suppressed cry in the face of her suffering and frustration--a refusal to show the oppressors the depth of their power by refusing to reveal the depths of one's pain.
Detractors say that behind the mask of taciturnity lies a retiring personality ill-suited for the task of head-of-state.
Many Filipino B2UTYs became overnight worshippers of the rapper-composer who's noted for his shyness and taciturnity, because, as one of those who came to OFM noted, he was so handsome pala!
Their taciturnity proved a generative yet punishing and enduringly melancholy force for Akerman, who opens her film Histoires d'Amerique (American Stories, 1989) with the refrain "My own story is full of missing links, full of blanks, and I do not even have a child." (2) She sought to make pictures that would stop any discussion of evil from becoming an academic argument based on circumstantial evidence rather than on personal experience.
Antonio's taciturnity, then, may not be strictly Jewish but also Pythagorean.