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measuring instrument for indicating speed of rotation

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UMA Instruments, which supplies a wide variety of gauges to OEMs and others, also offers an electronic tachometer, the TSO'd T19-801 series.
Mr Davies also claims drivers on international routes between the west coast of Ireland and mainland Europe are using up to three separate tachometers in a bid to stay behind the wheel longer.
Tachometer input of model VT1432A-AYF, model VT1419A and model VT1538A enhance frequency/totalize/PWM signal conditioning plug-on are easily displayed as numeric readouts, meters, bar graphs or strip charts.
SKF is introducing an intrinsically safe, multi-functional tachometer for non-contact laser measurement of rotational or linear devices.
A new design of analogue speedometer and tachometer are complemented by a digital clock and outside temperature gauge display built into the top of the fascia above the centre console.
A digital tachometer is also available for monitoring the functioning of the mixer motor.
It also aims to make existing rules compatible with the use of the new monitoring device, the digital tachometer, to encourage better compliance.
For the sealing process, air pressurized heating and cooling bars are maintained by digital temperature, pressure, and tachometer controls on the front panel.
A digital tachometer gives a constant speed read-out, which is invaluable for applications where process validation and reproducibility are required.
If my tachometer is correct, the saw turns about 15,500 rpm.
Kernco Instruments Co., El Paso, TX, has added a new digital tachometer to its line of products.
Standard features of the new Corsavan include power steering, driver's airbag, active head restraint, a tachometer and heavy duty partition fitted behind the front seats.
THE pigeon flew in for the first time this year when Rodney Farrant got his timing right on Tachometer at Exeter yesterday.
Other changes to the specification include the addition of manual air conditioning, passenger and driver airbags, colour-keyed door mirrors, tachometer, and ABS now comes with electronic brakeforce distribution.
The enpac has a 1/8 VGA resolution screen for easy reading and comprehensive data presentation, a 16 Mbyte on-board memory, a built-in laser tachometer, and an IR serial port.