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a graphical record of speed and distance produced by a tachograph

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Table 2 shows the time domain and non-linear HRV indices obtained at different exercise intensities from 3-, 2-, and 1-min tachogram sections.
The use of PCA applied to the power spectral density analysis of tachogram of the RRi associated with the method of K-means clustering seems to be able to stratify the level of aerobic fitness in healthy subjects at rest without the need of applying a stress test and, in particular, the applicability even in a homogeneous sample of physical and anthropometric characteristics.
A number of operation modes investigations have been carried out when changing the tachogram of speed.
We studied the frequency domain using the Fast Fourier Transform (MATLAB[R], 1999) and obtained the following data: (1) absolute power of HF (high frequency, 0.15-0.4 Hz), (2) absolute power of LF (low frequency, 0.04-0.15 Hz), (3) sympathovagal balance (SVB = LF/HF), (4) tachograms, and (5) total spectral analysis of the HR and SBP.
Baroreflex sensitivity ([alpha]-index) [25] was computed as the ratio between the spectral power of tachogram and systogram, in the HF ([[alpha].sup.HF]) and LF ([[alpha].sub.LF]) bands, respectively, and then summed ([[alpha].sub.LF+HF]).
The ECG recordings were converted to a tachogram, which plotted the successive R-R intervals on the y-axis and the number of beats within the 5-minute segment on the x-axis using specialized software (Nevrokard version11.0.2, Izola, Slovenia).
Spectral analysis has been performed using the fast Fourier transform (FFT) in the tachogram signal.
From this information, we calculated the heart rate tachogram (HR) by computing the reciprocal of the previously defined peak-to-peak distance with in-house MATLAB software.
A number of similar systems and applications have already been devised, but none integrates powerful algorithms that process HR and the tachogram into an easy-to-use application that provides clear and immediate test reports to the user and to medical personnel.
The RR intervals were plotted as a tachogram (RR values versus interval number).
The following time domain parameters of NN variability were obtained: NN [%], MeanNN [ms], SDNN [ms], SDANN [ms], SDNNidx [ms], dNN tachogram, rMSSD [ms], NN50, pNN 50 [%], NN100, pNN 100 [%], NN200, pNN 200 [%].
Various spectral methods (Kay and Marple, 1981) for the analysis of the tachogram have been applied since the late 1960's.
TO was calculated for all VPC's separately and then averaged, whereas TS was calculated based on an averaged local tachogram.