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a graphical record of speed and distance produced by a tachograph

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HRV analysis of the RR tachogram was done for frequency domain (by power spectral analysis using fast Fourier transformation) and time domain measures using the software from Biomedical signal analysis group, version 1.
The following time domain parameters of NN variability were obtained: NN [%], MeanNN [ms], SDNN [ms], SDANN [ms], SDNNidx [ms], dNN tachogram, rMSSD [ms], NN50, pNN 50 [%], NN100, pNN 100 [%], NN200, pNN 200 [%].
Various spectral methods (Kay and Marple, 1981) for the analysis of the tachogram have been applied since the late 1960's.
TO was calculated for all VPC's separately and then averaged, whereas TS was calculated based on an averaged local tachogram.
A representative tachogram from an FA-exposed control mouse and an iron-soot-exposed mouse recorded during the first 24 hr after 3 days of exposure are shown in Figure 2.
RR and systolic pressure sequences were resampled at 4 Hz using the method described by Berger [18] to give an RR interval tachogram and systolic pressure systogram sampled at regular intervals.
The analysis was done in terms of time domain and frequency domain measures from the R-R tachogram obtained with the above software.
Besides, modeling for each AED's circuit design at the operation on the given tachogram (2 s - 200 RPM, 2 s - 600 RPM, 2 s - 1200 RPM) taking into account transients is carried out.
Spectral analysis of the tachogram transforms the signal from time to frequency on the x-axis, by representing the signal as a combination of sine and cosine waves, with different amplitudes and frequencies.