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scientific instrument used by psychologists


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Current methods using eye tracking to assess translators' interaction with translation technology and measure the signs of cognitive effort and the reading-for-translation processing speed (O'Brien, 2007) have their correlates in late 19th- and early 20th-century reading experiments that used tachistoscopes. These speed-reading machines were developed in conjunction with Eadweard Muybridge's mechanically operated shutters for his animal locomotion photography and were used in reading pedagogy by Huey and others to calculate the rapidity of thought and measure reaction during reading, not merely to manage but also to increase speed and attentiveness.
The participant gave his or her reaction using a response switch attached to an AV tachistoscope. Feedback was given after each reaction in the form of a plus or minus symbol in the center of the screen.
1986); the tachistoscope (Kapferer 1995a); a coupon redemption test (Boal 1983), and an image blurring device (Kapferer 1995b).
(ii) Apparatus: A slide projector was used along with a tachistoscope (T-scope) set to 8 ms exposure.
Screening for delirium on a general medical ward: the tachistoscope and a global accessibility rating.
Tachistoscope research used to gauge how long it takes adolescents to identify and comprehend mandated warnings in relation to new warnings revealed that, while mandated warnings are recognized, they fail to convey specific information (Fischer et al., 1993).
The patient is seated before a tachistoscope, a screening device which backprojects on the centre of the screen a word or picture too rapidly (1/10 of a second or less) for the normal scanning movement of the eyes to get the whole visual target into both of the disconnected brains.
Each subject then looked into the eyepiece of a tachistoscope and received several 4-millisecond exposures to one of three stimuli: MOMMY AND I ARE ONE accompanied by a picture of a man and woman merged at the shoulders like Siamese twins; PEOPLE ARE THINKING accompanied by a picture of two men deep in contemplation; or DESTROY MOTHER accompanied by a picture of a man attacking a woman with a knife.
He said that he had recently completed a successful test of a powerful new advertising technique that made use of a device called a tachistoscope, which was capable of projecting images of such short duration that viewers were not aware of having seen them.
The presentation of stimuli was controlled using a color audiovisual tachistoscope (Iwatsu, IS-701D) connected to a personal computer (Apple, Power Macintosh 8100/80AV).
A tachistoscope consisting of a projector equipped with a time-calibrated camera shutter (LumenMasterTM, V25 Viewiex, manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company, Lafayette, Indiana, USA) was used to project the pictures tachistoscopically on the screen beginning with very short exposure times that were gradually increased.
More on millisecond timing and tachistoscope applications for the IBM PC.
(1992) studied the effects of repeating Kanji characters on the exposure duration required to correctly identify them when presented very briefly in a tachistoscope. Repetition had a significant effect for compound but not single character Kanji.