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Synonyms for tabulation

an orderly columnar display of data


Synonyms for tabulation

information set out in tabular form

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the act of putting into tabular form

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Bergara, Luchi and Mario Lavin, Jane Rosales-Yap, Alice Torres and Linda Angeles-Hill, who helped develop the program for the counting and tabulation of the election results, were interviewed by the Inquirer for the 30th anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution.
The Disability Employment Tabulation 2008-2010 is available via the Census Bureau's online statistics search tool American FactFinder at http://factfinder2.
Responses, unless a member indicated they wanted to be contacted by TEI, will be kept confidential and used only in tabulation with others.
The data provided in the candela tabulation is used to calculate footcandle levels within a proposed lighting design.
They jointly describe their tabulation efforts in the fall issue of Mathematical Intelligencer.
Through the grass roots election process, boards of elections are staffed at city, county and state levels, and these board members are currently the key decision makers in the ongoing conversion from lever and manual voting to electronic ballot tabulation in the U.
Data Tabulation and Analysis--This phase includes coding, editing, data entry, tabulation and cross-tabulation.
Tenders are invited for Election Tabulation System-Vote by Mail
Iran pumps more carbon pollutants into the atmosphere than all but nine other countries in the world, according to a new tabulation just released.
One member of the tabulation commission refused to put his signature under the voting protocol during announcement of the voting results for Ahmatbek Keldibekov's nomination for speaker post.
Tenders are invited for Mailing and Tabulation of Ballots for Proposition 218 Mail-Ballot Election
The latest tabulation by the tribunal says Iran has won suits totaling just over $1 billion, which might come to $2.
The Central Election Commission, which is entitled to announce the results of the elections and this way to clarify the situation, refrains from tabulation of the results so far," the party said.