tabula rasa

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a young mind not yet affected by experience (according to John Locke)

an opportunity to start over without prejudice

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Yet it is not explained in the contributions whether the denial of essence and the suggestion about the existence of tabula rasa in the postcolonies would not facilitate a new cycle of colonization in the same way they did in the past but under the cloak of building postcolonialities.
Tabula Rasa is therefore an anthology of sorts, with each track being a story or character in its own right.
In the course of its research, TABULA RASA hosted a "Spoofing Challenge," which invited researchers from around the world to develop attack plans and to attempt to deceive various biometric systems.
Current Tabula Rasa players, or those who download and play the free trial, will also be able to enter a personal message for inclusion on the Drive.
Tabula Rasa is NC Soft's latest addition to theworld of online games and doesn't beginwith the average nice and cozy doodah most games do.
After all, he insists, the hallmark of conservatism is belief in original sin, unlike feckless liberals, who believe either in man's natural goodness or in human nature as a tabula rasa on which society can work its formative powers.
Tabula Rasa, a boutique stationary and gift store in Trolley Square, also attracts customers by dazzling them with a wide selection of unique and captivating items.
Bush selected Roberts specifically because he believed the man was a tabula rasa, a stealth candidate.
It was once assumed that a person comes into this world as a tabula rasa ("blank slate") upon which life, learning, and experience write.
I've been able to do some very exciting things in the games business, but nothing of this magnitude," said Garriott, executive producer for Tabula Rasa at NCsoft.
Here, unlike previous projects, most existing ancillary structures have been removed, creating a virtual tabula rasa.
Another was the thought that in making this piece Newman was beginning even more than was his custom with a tabula rasa.
City of Heroes, Exteel and Tabula Rasa cards will be available at Best Buy beginning August 3 and Rite Aid will begin offering City of Heroes cards on September 3.
The sum of this attention to detail is a pleasing coherency that avoids distracting clutter and although you fear slightly that the concrete walls may provide an inviting tabula rasa for graffiti (doubtless the stations will be diligently maintained), there is an undeniable sense of trying to improve the lives of ordinary Parisians.
The company has successfully launched multiple online titles in the last three years and continues to support its franchises, which include Lineage([R])/Lineage II, City of Heroes/City of Villains([R]), Guild Wars/Guild Wars Factions([R])/Guild Wars Nightfall([R])/Guild Wars: Eye of the North([TM]), Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, Dungeon Runners, and Exteel.