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The remaining (n=1,235) subjects were drawn from the two big urban centres (Gondar and Debre Tabour towns) and from the centres of the randomly-selected district (woreda) administrations.
Ahmed Tabour, head of the Iraqi cultural and sports committee in Switzerland, said his country was being treated unfairly by the IOC.
1) The National Archives of the United Kingdom (NAUK), Lab (Records of departments responsible for tabour and employment matters and related bodies) 15/19, p.
The noise of the dozen wands keeping time with the tabour and of the jingling bells also roughly following the tune added to the lively antics of the Dancers had a most merry & exhilarating effect.
3) Instruments include current and lagged tabour income and wealth, the unemployment and inflation rates, lagged consumption, population growth, GST dummies and a time trend.
A more fruitful approach to the analysis and theorisation of black anticapitalisms, I think, might start with the premise that there is anything but an antinomy between work and play in this music; that (a notion of) the positive value of tabour is precisely what fuels the representation of the labour-intensive process of sexual pleasure here.