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sensationalist journalism

newspaper with half-size pages


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Reality television is often depicted as the trivialization or tabloidization of American and Western cultures.
TV Globo's opening has led to a decline of the authoritarian model, but not to a linear process of tabloidization.
Today, poor content of media is still under discussion in Turkey, as tabloidization and infotainment became a major trend for those private media in a competitive environment.
Thus the tabloidization of what used to be called serious news.
Furthermore, although there has been a burgeoning collection of scholarship on both the tabloidization of news (Gamson, Biressi and Nunn), as well as the concept of contemporary celebrity culture (Cashmore, Rojek, Holmes, Turner), little attention has been paid to how gender is configured (and reconfigured) within this climate.
Kaplan lays some of the blame for our contemporary cultural passivity on the tabloidization of mainstream news outlets, particularly TV news.
Over the last thirty years, Ireland was in many ways transformed, modernized and globalized; in matters such as fertility and marriage patterns, sexual attitudes, the tabloidization of the newspapers and fast-food culture, the Republic has joined the mainstream of the Western world.
As part of the course, students wrote opinion pieces on such issues as the tabloidization of news, lapses in professional ethics, censorship, and the blurring of the line between news and opinion.
path to tabloidization is what Mario Garcia calls "the Grecian Formula way" -- slowly converting the paper, one section at a time.
But I did of course wonder, as I turned the pages, whether the lure of textual tabloidization had taken over in the Post, the straight Toronto daily founded only five years earlier (and sold in 2001) by the conservative Conrad Black, now Lord Black.
The tabloidization of the mainstream media has been really hard on the tabloids, so they can't afford to pay as many writers.
Some of Cop Knowledge's best sections are studies of such hybrid cultural forms as the mid-century police procedural with its diverse roots in police reform and news tabloidization whose singular achievement was to juxtapose the human face of the cop against the anxieties and anonymity of urban-life, establishing a new imaginary compact between police and citizenry.
A fairer format and presentation of events could result or the virus of tabloidization that is already too usual could spread.