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sensationalist journalism

newspaper with half-size pages


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Aniston added that tabloid practices are unlikely to change anytime soon and that it depends on the readers how much they buy on what has been served.
Andanar announced the launch of the tabloid alongside the release of the list of the Duterte administration's achievements in its first 50 days.
Trump himself has gotten in on the act, writing opeds for the tabloid extolling his own virtues.
As Juan Wang tells us, Merry Laughter and Angry Curses represents the way tabloid writers identified their own satirical, witty writing style.
And Phi Kappa Phi forum garnered: two Awards of Excellence in Magazines, Journals & tabloids.
Shapiro said in his July 3 article that he got the information of these transcripts from a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom called the Daily Mirror.
This first book by independent Chinese Studies scholar Juan Wang takes on an understudied subject: tabloid journalism in China.
According to the tabloid, Gulzar had moved an official application seeking details of Khar's phone calls, which may help him find out the truth behind the rumours of the love affair.
The Kennedys: All the Gossip Unfit to Print" is a tabloid style take on the century on the past history of the Kennedys, as Darwin Porter & Danforth Price present their no holds barred talk, embracing the modern tabloid approach to the Kennedy dynasty, and the lines that may have been said that they should hope history forgets.
The newspaper has pulled the plug on its commuter-friendly tabloid edition and is returning to its traditional broadsheet format for single-copy sales.
IHAVE been writing to the editors of the national tabloid press for years, complaining about their declining standards of reporting, so the latest scandal about phone hacking does not surprise me.
The target audience of the tabloid has not been specified.
Bannister's articles included favorite tabloid topics - political scandals, natural disasters, celebrity news and gossip, and tales of people who defied death.
24 -- Recently city tabloid Ahmedabad Mirror reported for three consecutive days story of a St.
LEMBIT Opik has been accused of hypocrisy after launching an attack on the tabloid press while continuing to work as a columnist for the Daily Sport.