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the top horizontal work surface of a table

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There is also more vendor openness to new channels of distribution, such as garden centers, and a reported uptick in tabletop interest among interior designers and hospitality outlets.
Global sachet and sticks format of tabletop and sachet sweeteners market: The sachet and stick format of tabletop and sachet sweeteners is primarily traded between business entities.
Tabletop game programs in libraries only need two things to work: games and people.
I think it's quite a positive thing because tabletop games are social, and it shows that people want something different to just your traditional Monopoly or Scrabble.
Accessories play a very important role but nevertheless supporting role on the stage that is the tabletop.
The company will use a poured epoxy polymer finish if a decal is added to the tabletop, due to the thickness of the vinyl.
Ohio local health districts built a tabletop exercise around a bioterrorist smallpox simulation.
With more than 500 high-end tabletop and housewares suppliers, NYIGF presents the premier collection of tabletop, kitchen and dining resources in the U.
Narrower and shorter tabletop dimensions than the company's standard OR tabletops, but can be used with all of the company's OR table columns, including the TruSystem 7500 and JUPITER System.
Oneida decided to remain at 41 Madison Avenue and continue to build its business at Manhattan's premier office building for the tabletop industry after the giftware industry was forced out of 225 Fifth Avenue by the conversion of the property to residential condos.
Anchor Audio) Anchor Audio's New English Pro Portable Tabletop Lectern is a self-contained portable tabletop lectern with sound system that delivers 110 dB of intelligible speech or music, indoor or out, for audiences of up to 400.
Drill types include a plan walk-through, tabletop exercise, event simulation, or full deployment drill (Kamer 2003).
Its posturing capabilities and accessories allow optimal positioning, and the six-section tabletop is specifically designed for ambulatory procedures.
Jones suggests the following components: a 30-inch round tabletop, 4 straight top plates, 4 29-inch table legs, 4-4 1/2 yards fabric of your choice, decorative paint, and 3-3 1/2 yards trim.