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a relatively flat highland

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No evidence has been detected of any recent reactivation of the huge sags on Lookout Hills and on the NE corner of the Tablelands, though open tension cracks and fissures suggest that they remain potentially hazardous.
S] of low (L)- and high (H)-productivity perennial pasture-based grazing systems on the Walcha plateau, part of the southern highlands of the New England Tableland.
This report is of an observation made at 0730h AEST on 29 September 2014, about 1 km S of Marraweeney (36[degrees] 44'S, 145[degrees] 45'E), on the Strathbogie Tableland in north-eastern Victoria.
Discussing water security issues, Koike explained the functioning of the model with regard to the Indus, which originates in the icy Tibetan tableland and has nine tributaries Beas, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, Sutlej, Gomal, Kabul, Swat and Kurram.
Takes in not only the Sahara and other conventional deserts, but 'an extensive and romantic tableland of granite': Dartmoor
Karacaoy-lan wrote a poem about Barcyn Tableland, which is located in the same neighborhood, which indicates that the poet was possibly from the region.
The unit's assets comprise mainly oil and gas assets in the Tableland Field in Saskatchewan, Canada.
They have been deeply dissected into cliffed gorges and steep-sided valleys by streams such as Carnarvon Creek, which has incised up to 600 metres below the tableland surface.
He considers clues to its fate by examining suggested routes they may have taken: northern, from central Queensland to the Gulf and Roper River country to the Tanami-Victoria River region, and east-west, beginning with the south and southeast Simpson Desert, moving to the north and northeast Simpson Desert and southern Barkly Tableland, to the southeastern portion of Western Australia.
The pasta comes with red claw (crayfish) from the Atherton Tableland, revved up with garlic and chilli.
recurvum was collected in coastal zones (Guaraquecaba and Paranagua), first tableland (Campina Grande do Sul, Piraquara and Sao Jose dos Pinhais) and second tableland (Palmeira) of the State.
The 737-700 with enhanced features will contribute to the development of Xiamen Airline's operations in China's tableland environmental areas.
A large tableland was formed from the volcanic tufas together with the erosion of the Kizilirmak river and wind over ten thousands of years, resulting in chimney rocks (Fairy Chimneys) which are considered a wonder of the nature.
Riley was fishing in Lake Tinaroo on the Atherton Tableland when he managed to snare the barramundi that is believed to be a world-record.
Situated within the Morton National Park, near Ulladulla, Pigeon House is part of Australia's eastern mountainous escarpment which separates the coastal plain from the interior tableland.