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a covering spread over a dining table

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One of the linen chests was open; the silver teapot was unwrapped from its many folds of paper, and the best china was laid out on the top of the closed linen-chest; spoons and skewers and ladles were spread in rows on the shelves; and the poor woman was shaking her head and weeping, with a bitter tension of the mouth, over the mark, "Elizabeth Dodson," on the corner of some tablecloths she held in her lap.
Tulliver began to lay back the tablecloths in the chest, folding and stroking them automatically.
The implied reproaches against her father--her father, who was lying there in a sort of living death--neutralized all her pity for griefs about tablecloths and china; and her anger on her father's account was heightened by some egoistic resentment at Tom's silent concurrence with her mother in shutting her out from the common calamity.
I will wash the tablecloth and spread it on the grass in the sun to bleach.
While he stood wavering in the hall Major Putnam rushed past him and sent a raging eye over the whole oblong of the tablecloth.
Colonel Cray leaned forward a little and clutched the tablecloth.
Tom's turn came last, and meanwhile he was all eyes, looking first with awe at the great man, who sat close to him, and was helped first, and who read a hard-looking book all the time he was eating; and when he got up and walked off to the fire, at the small boys round him, some of whom were reading, and the rest talking in whispers to one another, or stealing one another's bread, or shooting pellets, or digging their forks through the tablecloth.
But the surprise rose higher still when the dame, with a body oozing easy indifference at every pore, but eyes that gave it all away by absolutely flaming with vanity, slowly unfolded an actual simon-pure tablecloth and spread it.
But speak-to-me-only-with-thine-eyes isn't a really reliable reason for embroidering doilies and hemstitching tablecloths.
And he was surprised that she, his poetic, exquisite Kitty, could, not merely in the first weeks, but even in the first days of their married life, think, remember, and busy herself about tablecloths, and furniture, about mattresses for visitors, about a tray, about the cook, and the dinner, and so on.
We hemstitched all the tablecloths and pillow-cases, and some of the sheets.
And also the service of making curtains, Sheer fabric, Tablecloth .
Jellyfish Print Tablecloth With gorgeous colours and a nice embroidered finish, these coral and jellyfish themed tablecloths add a lovely dash of colour to any table.
The exhibition, which has been put together to mark the decommissioning of the hospital, was so popular that organisers have decided to re-open it Among the items on show is a tablecloth made at the hospital in 1917, and is available to view between 10am and 1pm courtesy of St Fagan's Museum.
Fetch a tablecloth and join Miss Petitfour and her feline friends for five magical adventures