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a group of people attractively arranged (as if in a painting)


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Moving from the iconic fixity of his original tableaux vivants, Ontani thus now subjects his figures to a doubled animation, one of physical movement, the other of emotion.
Meanwhile, a woman seated on a chair wears a jacket embroidered with gingko leaves, a reference to Goethe, who wrote a poem about the tree--using its bilobed leaves as a symbol for duality--and who himself was involved in the creation of tableaux vivants.
In LA the talked-about show was a Robert Motherwell exhibition at the Pasadena Art Museum ("He is more of an idea man than an executioner and his powers of executing things without conscious reasoning seem limited," wrote Arthur Secunda); and Edward Kienholz, already bigger than life locally for his scabrous sculptural tableaux vivants, showed up with an exhibition at Ferus Gallery (an "unreservedly tasteful and sophisticated replica of a 1943 American house of ill repute").
Portes de l'ancien temps amazighe revues comme surfaces planes des tables et tableaux vivants exposes pour le plaisir d'exister, sans se fermer sans s'ouvrir.
In 1887, 11 years after she was named Empress of India, Queen Victoria began employing Indian servants and 24-year-old Abdul from Agra quickly advanced through the ranks, accompanying her overseas on visits and taking part in tableaux vivants (motionless re-enactments of famous historical scenes) staged in the Durbar room at Christmas time.
Dolgin finds in the tableaux vivants the seeds of change: though the female figures in these private productions were generally still and silent, the characters they played--heroic, rebellious, historically important--opened up a wide range of empowering possibilities for women.
Simonson's analysis of Chopin, for instance, supports a reading of European danseuse Rita Sacchetto's Tanzbilder [dance pictures], or pantomimic dances inspired by paintings, as potent sites of artistic agency that critiqued a public fascination with tableaux vivants.
The cantata's seemingly illogical formal process is best understood in the context of the moment: a series of tableaux vivants, lingering on each "glorious moment" of spectacle.
For 82 seasons now, Lagunatics young and old have been volunteering to spend two months posing nightly in tableaux vivants that mimic famous works of art.
This shape of commerce, facilities and recreation in terms of panorama and tableaux vivants was typical in the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s.
Tableaux Vivants The Italian nativity comes to life through a "tableau vivant'' theatrical presentations, featuring students enacting the presepe's surprising mix of high and low, angels and demons.
The remaining activities in this section ask the participants to practice group tableaux vivants (110-2), to stage group tableaux vivants in different nooks of the workshop site so that they look like "living museums" (113-5), to stage "human altars" (116-9), to stage the tableaux vivants in different closed and open spaces (120-4), and to mark a spot in the performance location, pose in it, and allow two other people to enter the same area in order to destabilize the initial image (125-8).
Her powerful work with tableaux vivants was an important element in the re-energization of Irish drama as an arena for cultural reinvention at the end of the nineteenth century.
12) She chose to become a performer and first joined the Altonaer National-theater and then the Dresdener Hoftheater, where she became well known for her performances of declamatory concerts, tableaux vivants, and attitudes (Attituden); the latter two, new genres in the last decade of the eighteenth century, were performed in silence solely by women.
The Lowlands-based auteur here stages the visit of Baroque-era print master Hendrick Goltzius to a margrave's court, where the engraver's troupe re-enacts six erotically charged biblical sins in carnal tableaux vivants.