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Synonyms for tableau

Synonyms for tableau

a group of people attractively arranged (as if in a painting)

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any dramatic scene

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Are non-Hindi state tableaux simply custom-made circuses for the entertainment of Hindi speakers?
The Best Tableaux for Central Ministries/Departments award was won by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (for Khelo-India).
We can describe (see Corteel and Williams (2007)) the equilibrium state of the PASEP using permutation tableaux in Postnikov (2006), alternative tableaux in Viennot (2008) or tree-like tableaux in Aval et al.
As such, we've followed the pulse of the industry for new artistic finishes to create Tableaux Elements.
Commencons d'abord par l'interpretation des tableaux figuratifs oE l'artiste peintre marocaine Maria Kermadi a pu peindre des personnages dans leurs etats merveilleux.
In the next section we define a notion of descent set for oscillating tableaux which will permit us to give the desired combinatorial interpretation of ch U(r,[mu]) in Theorem 3.
The theme of the tableaux varies from the evolution of classical performing arts in Kerala to the cultural and religious harmony that reigns in the Capital.
Le film et le dernier tableau font a nouveau penser a Magritte, ses tableaux des miroirs, qui reflechissent plutot qu'ils ne refletent comme disait Cocteau.
Trailing behind them a long, complex history of performance, both amateur and professional, tableaux vivants--frozen-moment representations of well-known paintings and statues or other familiar or invented figures and scenes--had reached the stage of the Palace Theatre of Varieties, in Shaftesbury Avenue, only recently, with the arrival in London of the enterprising Hungarian Eduard Kilanyi and his troupe late in 1893.
Throughout the book Cuille performs a veritable juggler's act in managing to integrate these ideas within her larger argument, above all, to link them to the various musical tableaux that she analyzes.
Most of the tableaux have two or three figures,'' Wilcox said, noting that generally only the very small or very large characters are not done by people.
It's entirely fitting that Goode's newest work open in a space normally reserved for the visual arts and that he be credited for direction as well as choreography, for visual images and dramatic tableaux are the dominant elements in this rambling ballad about desire, loss, and a feeling of emotional emptiness that echoes the open range.
It is, however, precisely to avoid such a trap that Bunuel has articulated the various Tableaux in the same way, while at the same time introducing elements that suddenly return like the repressed.
Skoglund's tableaux are intended to be viewed both in the media of site installation and photography.
Summary: New Delhi [India], January 26 (ANI): Showcasing India's cultural diversity and various schemes of the government, tableaux of fourteen states and nine Central Ministries on Friday participated in the Republic Day parade held at Rajpath in the national capital.