tableau vivant

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a group of people attractively arranged (as if in a painting)


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A monologue, recited when the tableau vivant was still visible, urged the theatergoers to respond emotionally.
Le tableau vivant laisse ainsi planer un doute sur ce qui est vivant et ce qui est mort et concentre la vie dans les perturbations de l'immobilite.
Un ejemplo paradigmatico de tableau vivant se nos muestra en la secuencia final de Jamon, jamon (1992) de Bigas Lunas (01:20:3601:21:30).
In the 21st century, when theatre and film crafts have had considerable impact on art forms like performance art, digital installation and video art, any contemporary version of Tableau Vivant cannot ignore this development.
From this bridge the necessary electric light or other suitable illumination is worked to light up the tableau vivant in accordance with the lighting shown by the picture being reproduced.
The verbal representation of a visual representation ultimately turns back upon itself to transmute the fleeting power of language into the paradox of the still living tableau vivant that is suspended beyond the confines of space and time and often--but not always--brought to life through the imaginative motion of memory.
The goal of our Exploring Tableau Vivant collaboration was for students to build their skills of artistic interpretation while developing basic skills in each of three curricular areas: drama, photography, and creative writing.
Like upholstery, Rosedale's clothes may be custom-made, providing him with as seamless a performance and dress as Lily's in the tableau vivant.
Neon signs cast great pools of light, molten chrome and sheets of magnesium across the taxi roofs of Yasukuni-dori, turning pedestrians into a phantasmagorical tableau vivant.
Temoin privilegie de l'histoire en train de se faire, soeur Gisele Turcot brosse ici un tableau vivant et emouvant des reflexions et des engagements de l'Eglise catholique, apres la Revolution tranquille, en matiere de charite et de justice sociale.
The tableau vivant form itself contains its own paradoxical relationship to reality as it freezes a moment in time, unlike real life, but entirely like photography in what Sontag calls the "same essentially inaccurate relation to the real world as stills.
ballet is often used as a tableau vivant, which quotes from famous
The latter establishes the apex of a pyramid that joins the figures to a tableau vivant to the right in which a woman dressed up as Venice sits under a ducal baldacchino, her gestures replicating those of the allegorical sculptures.
This free interpretation of the paintings clearly isn't tableau vivant, which Solano believes would wear thin quickly and probably invite criticism from art lovers who would want every detail in place.
He manages to turn in a memorable performance simply by the way he drapes his capes and rumbles his chest tones, giving the impression at almost every statuesque moment of an animated tableau vivant.