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wine containing not more than 14 percent alcohol usually served with a meal

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And though American wine drinkers consume much less wine than many other countries on a per capita basis, the United States, ranked as the fourth-largest producer of wine overall, is now ahead of France and Italy in the volume of table wine consumed, according to the Wine Market Council's latest annual consumer tracking study on the U.
It has proven such a canny move that 90% of their considerable production is now table wine and the only port they make is high-end, high-quality, Late Bottled Vintage and Vintage wines.
The relatively strong flavour of most cheeses demands a full-bodied red table wine, or port.
2 million was table wine - proving wine is steadily becoming part of our meals, just like the Italians and French.
In exchange, the French government has agreed to tear up between 15,000 and 18,000 hectares of vines intended for the production of table wine, in an attempt to partially address the overproduction problem.
In the table wine category, in increasing order of weight/alcohol and sugar, these are: Kabinett, Spatlese and Auslese, with the last category made up largely of wines which are a bit too sweet to serve with dinner.
Australia, not even considered a contender a decade ago, overtook France last year to become the second largest exporter of table wine to the U.
Corkage: $25 per bottle of table wine, $35 for sparkling.
The market moderated to 3% growth in 2000, although shipments of table wine (including California, other states and imports) still hit a record high.
of table wine in Italy under Article 30 of Council Regulation 1493/1999/EC.
Investigators found a tonne of dried cow's blood in the swoop on the area, which exports millions of bottles of table wine to Britain every year.
Table wine sales increased 4%, while sparkling wines grew at 6%.
THE EUROPEAN Union's Management Committee for Wine has approved a plan to allow crisis distillation of up to two million hectoliters of Italian table wine.