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wine containing not more than 14 percent alcohol usually served with a meal

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And though American wine drinkers consume much less wine than many other countries on a per capita basis, the United States, ranked as the fourth-largest producer of wine overall, is now ahead of France and Italy in the volume of table wine consumed, according to the Wine Market Council's latest annual consumer tracking study on the U.S.
The relatively strong flavour of most cheeses demands a full-bodied red table wine, or port.
The French pay 3c on a bottle of table wine and 6c on sparkling wine, while the Danes pay 62c and 92c respectively.
Beyond table wine, total sparkling wine bubbled up 1.2%; imported sparkling posted a 4.0% gain.
Carbonating the tonic wine - which is 50 per cent stronger than ordinary table wine - makes the alcohol act more quickly, say experts.
The problem applies only to table wine produced in four of France's 100 provinces, he said.
Overall, California table wine revenues climbed to $4.9 billion last year, Fredrikson said in his year-end report.
Things foreign were regarded with suspicion@ even the consumption of table wine was limited.
The story of the wine is, on one hand, less dramatic, though here, too, they gradually stopped using ordinary table wine, replacing it by specially approved Mass wine.
Just below that little chapel are the cellars of the Quinta do Crasto, one of the Douro's brightest and best producers of table wines. They jumped on the Douro table wine bandwagon in 1994 and have not had time to look back.
Despite the economy"s plunge in the last 13 weeks of 2008, the segment grew at a rate of 32 percent.Overall, table wine, the biggest wine segment, grew at 4.4 percent on a dollar basis in 2008, vs.
The Spanish and Greek requests have therefore been cleared: for Spain a maximum of 300,000 hectolitres of surplus quality wine can be put up for distillation, whilst for Greece crisis distillation has been opened for a maximum quantity of 370,000 hectolitres of table wine and 130,000 hectolitres of quality wine.
In the case of France, a maximum quantity of 1.5 million hectolitres of table wine, as well as the same amount of quality wine, will be eligible for the scheme.
Around 550 million liters of quality wine in France and table wine in Spain are earmarked as unwanted surplus and would be subject to "crisis distillation", the usual method for disposing of excess supply, European Commission officials said.
In the table wine category, in increasing order of weight/alcohol and sugar, these are: Kabinett, Spatlese and Auslese, with the last category made up largely of wines which are a bit too sweet to serve with dinner.