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The breaks start from pounds 140pp for dinner, B&B, ghost hunting, dowsing, seances, table tipping and glass divination.
TG at one time or other investigated the Ouija board, mental telepathy, table rapping, table tipping, table traveling, table flipping, bell-box ringing, bell-box cables, super-normal lights, automatic writing, scripts, deep-trance drawings, direct voice, communications from deceased persons, dictatorial spirit guides, trance personalities, and ectoplasmic constructions.
Lynsey has been on 10 ghost hunts around Britain with FTOS, using seances, ouija boards, table tipping, human pendulums as well as electromagnetic readers, dowsing sticks and other techniques and tools.
The evening will include ghost stories and tales of the paranormal, plus vigils, Ouija boards and table tipping.
He offers a spooky night at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry tonight as he joins medium Chris Conway for live experiments including table tipping, ouija boards and sances in Psychic & Science.
Also included is a unique, professionally run paranormal experience with ghost hunting, dowsing, seances, table tipping and glass divination.
The team did something in the cellar called table tipping, where these three blokes hold onto different sides of a table and ask the spirits questions.
Croxteth Hall, above, is to host a ghost hunt which will include table tipping, left, at Halloween