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a circular saw mounted under a table or bench so that the blade of the saw projects up through a slot

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Within the updated Ottawa Fastener Supply selection is the DWE7491RS 10" Jobsite Table Saw with Rolling Stand from DeWALT.
For a table saw that will suit your needs, you have two main choices: a benchtop model or a contractor model.
My first table saw experiences occurred more than 40 years ago with a homemade, fixed arbor job.
29 Washington Post column titled "Saving the world from saws--one finger at a time/' Kathleen Parker questions whether the Consumer Product Safety Commission should mandate a SawStop-like feature on all table saws.
The Globe reported that more than 50 lawsuits are pending throughout the nation "against table saw manufacturers for failure to adopt the technology, which would stop a power saw blade almost instantly upon contact with human flesh.
I set up the table saw, intending to make two cuts to rip the piece in half.
A recently developed in-line table saw cuts at preset 45[degrees] to 135[degrees] angles with accuracy of [+ or -] 0.
The haul included a generator, a compressor, and a table saw, together with drills, angle grinders, battery chargers, sanders, a nail gun and other items.
They stole a pounds 150 Nu Tool table saw and a three-kilowatt petrol generator from one, but nothing from the others.
A table saw has a flat cutting surface, with the circular saw blade extending up through a slot.
He makes no attempt to occlude the crucial contributions of his new printer and prototyping table saw in all this and instead allows them to fulfill their inherent potential for a certain kind of complexity.
After 18 months spent trying to find a table saw manufacturer to license his safety device, a blade brake, SawStop inventor Steve Gass decided he'd have to build his own.
introduces the Craft Master 1183, a fixed 45-degree table saw miter attachment which turns a table saw into a precise and safe picture frame moulding saw.
If you don't have a table saw, ask your lumberyard to rip the 1-by-4 to 3 inches in width and the 1-by-10 to 8 inches.