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a list of divisions (chapters or articles) and the pages on which they start

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According to Page, this chapter focuses on helping readers find content for table of contents pages and for policy and procedure documents.
0 includes a Slide Navigator module that automatically generates a table of contents, a Presentation Manager to track classes and the Click-and-StreamWizard to simplify screen capture and publishing.
An enhanced table of contents combines the search and table of contents view onto a single page.
Hoover's also offers a detailed table of contents and ordering information for GOING PUBLIC: Everything You Need to Know to Take Your Company Public, Including Internet Direct Public Offerings by James B.
Though each of the objects placed in the box could be said to be representative of one of the six "movements" listed on what served as the table of contents (Constructivism, Structuralism, Conceptualism, Objects, Tradition of Paradoxical Thinking, and Between Categories) and could be received according to one of the three "themes" of the project (Time, Silence and Reduction, and Language), a multiplicity of meanings is located in their arbitrary relation to each other.
Upon launching the CD, the user arrives at the table of contents page, which contains instructions for navigating through the CD in addition to listing the CD's contents.
The main part (or "right frame") of the screen shows the topic's content while the left side displays the table of contents of, for instance, the security assistance program's topics.
He recommends a 1-2-3 approach in editorially and graphically linking the cover, the table of contents and the cover story itself, with the cover story portrayed consistently in all three locations.
You can locate your topics using the alphabetical list of terms of the table of contents with its subject categories.
Thus, a text equivalent for an image of an upward arrow that links to a table of contents could be 'Go to table of contents,'" the provision reads.
After seeing her 1986 graduating project, the seven-minute Table of Contents (which was programmed at a few international film and animation festivals), the NFB invited Tilby to join its Montreal animation studio to develop her next film.
As with a hard drive, when you want to reorder the sequence of tunes, or ditch a song you no longer want, it only requires a quick trip to the disc's table of contents track.
Users than have access to the publication's index and/or table of contents as well as the publisher's notes.
One person noted, however, that he had missed the option to receive the Table of Contents by e-mail each month (on the day it is posted).
The table of contents lists FASB general information, announcements of board actions and meetings, a quarterly plan for all FASB projects, press releases, summaries of FASB statements, a casebook on recognition and measurement issues and ordering information for FASB products.
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