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a small piece of table linen that is used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap in order to protect clothing

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He sits down and wipes his face with his handkerchief, blows his nose, then stuffs the handkerchief in his pants pocket and reaches for his table napkin. "God, I wish I could say something."
However, the wafer-thin "School" reads like jottings on a table napkin, with no evident purpose beyond fleshing out the program to barely acceptable length for a full-price Off Broadway ticket.
THE trouble with all the ladies' day malarkey is that it gives a certain kind of chap the idea that women are on racecourses in order to pull, even when they are wearing a good deal more than a table napkin and a feather.
A table napkin with a Santa Claus design, as well as one with seasonal colorways in a red and green plaid pattern, were festive in the eyes of the court.
The Dugald tour took us to the Costume Museum of Canada where their oldest item, a linen table napkin from late sixteenth century English Royalty, was on display.
Newcastle have made a pounds 10million bid for Alan Shearer - on a table napkin!
By the time the TV cameras focused, Specter was kneeling beside her, applying an ice-filled table napkin to her wound, and--yes!--offering the television audience a sound bite.
It was after this surprise video, as he watched it end, that we caught Kho wiping away his tears; he had to use the table napkin hurriedly before anyone could really take note.
CRUISING isn't all about bingo, line dancing and learning how to fold a table napkin. Here are five things you probably never thought you'd be able to do on board...
The result is an astounding 600 nude sketches on the delicate surface of a table napkin.
White cloth table napkins and 'Halen Mon' salt pots await you at your table - however the tables for two are very close together, so you can't help but ogle what your neighbours are eating.
The encompassing vibrant hues present at every spot can also be seen in the littlest things like their table napkins and coasters.
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