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a knife used for eating at dining table

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Now, using your table knife, slice off triangular pieces to make a pointed roof on each tower.
2 Add your cold water and stir with the blade of a table knife until mostly combined, then use your hands to bring together into a flattish lump of dough.
Cook at a gentle simmer without disturbing until quinces are tender and pale pink in color, 1 1/4 to 1'/2 hours (lift plate with a table knife to check).
Bake 30-40 minuted or until a table knife comes out clean when inserted into the center of the custard.
He removed the knife and she picked up a table knife and lunged at him, causing injuries to his neck.
With a table knife, spread the seeds on a plate covered with a coffee filter or paper towels to dry completely.
And with Kwaiken in pocket you may choose to forego the house table knife next time you frequent the local steak house
Other steps are marked "Extra for Experts"; these are ideal for older children who have more coordination and kitchen familiarity, such as using a (blunt) table knife to cut strawberries into chunks, or tearing lettuce into small pieces.
Huge and slightly curved, with a hefty wooden handle, it's clearly no table knife but a thing for rending flesh.
It was so tender that I could cut it with my table knife.
Pour the rest of the raspberry on in dollops, and swirl with a table knife to make a nice ripple effect.
Granola cookie chunks: Using a table knife, score each try of the mix with five lines in both directions to make about 36 granola cookie chunks per tray.
Jimmy was then involved in a number of repeated escape attempts, including digging a 120-foot tunnel using only a serrated table knife, but none were successful.
In her fiery marriage to My Fair Lady star Rex Harrison she once stabbed him in the hand with a table knife in a restaurant.
One newspaper described O'Sullivan as "The Dagger", claiming that he was: "The type of suspicious person capable of asking you for a table knife and later planting it between your shoulder blades.